Friday October 24, 2014

Proud to be Canadian


Dear Editor:

I grew up on an 80 acre farm in central AB. I donít think I knew much about farming until I moved to my husbandís 8000 acre farm in south east Saskatchewan. Since moving here Iíve learned how to drive a combine and bring in the harvest, and Iíve learned enough about the CWB to make an informed decision.

You canít compare the plebiscite that just occurred with a federal or provincial election. In a federal election every vote is equal. The same goes for this plebiscite, however, that means that my fatherís vote has the same weight as my husbands. My husband is a full time farmer; itís his business and his life.

My Dad is an electrician and a farmer on the side who raises cattle and rents out his crop land, entitling him to vote. If this survey wanted accuracy, some weight should have been given to production, not just one permit book, one vote.

My husband and I are expecting a baby in January and weíre both very excited to know that this child will grow up in a country where itís not a crime for his parents to sell their own wheat and barley as of August 1, 2012. Because itís not about getting rid of the CWB, itís about having a choice.

Yours truly,

Amy Hewson

Box 75

Langbank, SK

S0G 2X0



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