Monday November 24, 2014

I was wrong


When I related the massive four day dump of raw sewage from the Carlyle sewage lagoons into the “poor little creek” and down into the Alameda Resevoir in a previous letter to the editor in the Friday, March 23 edition of the Carlyle Observer, I stated that the dumping goes on every year, assuming it was just done once a year. I was wrong. It goes on all the time.

Since that time, the dumping has continued, and the lagoons are almost empty, meaning tens of millions of gallons of barely treated sewage has been dumped.

It appears the Alameda Resevoir is an extra sewage lagoon for the Town of Carlyle. I have been working down in Oxbow, and there is no water running out of the other end of the resevoir this spring, so all that sewage is just settling out.

I was struck by the lack of concern from all the folks I talked to; the town office, the town councillor, the conservation officers, the government people at the various water agencies. But then I realized, they all know it is going on, and either don’t care, or are worried about losing their jobs I suppose.

I would advise anyone using the Alameda Resevoir for recreation or fishing to be aware of this dirty little secret, because a toxic brew of who knows what is being continually dumped into it.

Paul Lebrun



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