Friday November 21, 2014


It is normally fairly easy for me to find things to rant about. The world is full of situations which anger me and seem unfair. After going through a dramatic relationship, and the even more dramatic ending, I should be raging. Yet, for the first time since being at the paper, I am having trouble coming up with something that ticks me off. Sure a bunch of small things tick me off, like ticks, the never ending racism and discrimination and everything else that causes controversy around our world. But I have no desire to complain about any of it this week.
On one hand, I wish I could wake up on the right side of the bed every week, being cheerful and content with my world sounds pretty delightful. At the same time, I know that the bad things in the world never stop and I do need column topics every week.
This week I have decided to bring up the fact that many media outlets also focus only on the negatives. It is a rare occurrence to turn on your local news TV station and see a happy story. If I have nothing better to do, I often find myself hunting down positive, inspirational stories.
Normally, because I am an animal lover they are animal and/or compassion related. My recent favorite was the story of an elephant named Tarra who lived at a sanctuary in Tennessee. All of the elephants at this sanctuary bond with another elephant, and spend the remainder of their lives hanging out with the same animal. For Tarra, it wasnít an elephant that captured her heart; it was a dog named Bella. The two spent 10 years together, inseparable.
When the dog, got severely injured, Tarra, the elephant, waited by the fence closest to the house that she was recovering in. She had acres and acres of room to walk around, yet she wouldnít leave her best friends side. The keepers quickly figured out they should carry out the dog to her so that they could be happy. Tarra reached her trunk through the posts and rubbed her mateís tummy. The dog soon recovered, and went back to her life with her big strong companion.
Unfortunately Bella passed away in a very traumatic matter. It is expected that she was attacked by coyotes, but canít be confirmed. Tarra had carried the wounded pooch by her trunk and placed her in front of the keeperís home. They knew this by the blood on her trunk and that no blood was surrounding the beat up dog.
I cried from this newscast. Itís been months since the first time I saw it, and still every time I watch it, it tugs at my heart strings.
I no longer cry when I see murder in the news, or when I see violence. The things that should be upsetting us donít. Why? Well in my opinion they have been over reported. Sure when someone is killed it is important to mention it. But the media needs to add in the nice happy and compassionate stories to counterbalance it.



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