Wednesday August 20, 2014


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No seafoam green dress

I have never been a bridesmaid. I have been involved in a great number of weddings but I always find myself at the piano or being asked to sing. So I don’t have a closet full of seafoam green dresses to laugh about, instead I have accumulated a...


Family farm labour laws

The other day I came across an article on the CBC regarding labour laws and children working in a...

I went to camp

I must admit I get a touch envious of the multitude of summer camp offerings available to children...

WWI: a legacy of turmoil and invention

The world had been in turmoil, an arms race escalating between Germany and Great Britain. Worry of...

The tale of a twist tie

Nestled at the back of a drawer, unnoticed, it wasn't possible to determine how long it may have...

Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories - people obsess about them while others attempt to convince others. Over the...

It’s about showing up

While listening to a speaker recently the audience was challenged to think about our connections to ...

Thoughts on rodeos

Drone images produce unique photos

The temperature of a town

Sunday drives and ice cream


Better than a goldfish?

A problem with living rurally

Judging record books

There’s more to today

Measure of success

“Bacon’d out?”

Off to Toronto

Round round we go

Corner Gas movie has green light

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