Thursday April 17, 2014


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Let’s not PVR our lives

The extent to which it was taking place was likely exaggerated but we knew there were some students in our university dormitory who had arranged their class schedule to allow them to watch a particular soap opera every day. Consequently the lounge...


Take my hand . . . let’s fix this

It was early morning several years ago when the double ring on my office phone indicated someone in ...

“Sealfies” trending on social media

Recently Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie at the Oscars and it was used by her to raise money, $1.5...

My Outlook: To Laugh or Not to Laugh

As the month of March was coming to a close our elementary-aged imaginations would begin concocting ...

Learning that limits are our own construction

I do my very best to write about different topics each week, but I have once again been dragged...

Oh, the things I can do with my Spirograph...

I am reminded of it whenever I make a cup of coffee in a single-serve machine. My travel mug is too ...

As we finally begin to warm up

Well it would appear that spring has finally sprung (knock on wood). The sun has a warmth to it I...

The proof is not in the picture

Uncomfortably listening to jokes

Yes, time will go by

Olympic hockey gold remains

Not by the numbers

Trending in social media: NekNominations

Is it the production or the promise?

What is the appeal of smoking?

Wear the jersey . . . and be yourself

The fear of public speaking

I want to hear you

The discussion around Neil Young

What I saw today

Happily watching as others succeed

Pop . . . goes the kernel

An exercise of “what if…”

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