Wednesday October 22, 2014

Top Headlines

Blacktop to Black Gold unveiled

It was a day that many have been waiting for, the unveiling of the new Carlyle History Book...

Arcola welcomes Sinclair's Pizza

The women behind Arcola's newest restaurant has received a warm welcome from the community even...

Rider Insider

What would you have done if someone had told you this past June that the 2014 Roughrider season...

RCMP report: Oct. 3 to Oct. 9

The Carlyle RCMP responded to a total of 75 calls between Friday, Oct. 3, and Thursday Oct. 9....

Michele Amy nominated for Lieutenant Governor's Arts Award

Forget's fiddling force of nature, Michele Amy, has been nominated for a prestigious provincial...

Mac Theatre Fundraiser features a Nashville Night in Arcola

The Arcola Optimist Club is offering area music lovers a Nashville night in the town's historic...

Obama on the Ottawa shooting:'We're all shaken by it'

Soldier dead, two others injured in Parliament Hill siege; one gunman dead

PM Harper cancels Malala citizenship ceremony in light of Ottawa shooting

Woman accused of concealing infants defrauded senior: court records

Some fallout after deadly shooting in Ottawa

Friends not surprised sergeant-at-arms intervened in Parliament Hill shootings

Recent News

Itís not just football, itís life

It sounds like the plot of Hollywood sports movies and television series: take a group of boys and...

Moose Mountain Lions fundraising for fire hall

The Moose Mountain Lions held a fundraising golf tournament on Saturday, Sept. 27. Here a total of...

Whereís your investment?

They sat in pretty gold frames on the china cabinet. In the fall my mother would carefully add the...

How labels allow us to find identity

Recently I came across a video clip on Youtube from the television show ďOprah: Where are they now?...

Parable of mushrooms

White fungi have invaded our property. Not only that, both the front and back yards are supporting...

Living with seeming disconnects

One night a man came to our house to tell me that a Hindu family of eight children had eaten...


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