Tuesday September 30, 2014


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Listen up, Regina. We’re doing good stuff here!

We’ve been basking in some unusually warm fall weather this past week, but prairie veterans are not so naïve as to believe it will last. We’ll soon be plugging in our vehicles and bundling up against the cold. Most of us are well...


Is it time to review what graduation means

Two of the targets for K-12 education laid out in the provincial government’s Plan for Growth are...

Journalists do important work

The media. It’s a term often spat out with derision and disgust. According to Listosaur.com,...

What happened to all the trash talk?

I’ve been wondering what happened to all the hysteria over the City of North Battleford’s garbage...

We miss hearing from you

We so miss hearing from you. We know letter writing has become old fashioned, but letters to the...

Time saved, could be time killed

The speed limit on Saskatchewan’s twinned highways is set at 110 km/h, but few people actually...

Those crime severity stats give us a headache

The summer had been swimming along nicely. The sun finally came out and gardens began to flourish....


Just three quarters of canola left to go

Another week of beautiful Aboriginal Summer and harvest weather. How long will it will last no one...

Getting to know annuities

You are nearing or already into retirement and you want to maintain a secure income stream, pass a...

The future looks bright for farmers' markets

As the warm weather winds down, farmers' markets and organic farming around the country are looking ...

Dear Sweet Sixteen

Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me,??I'm going to write you a letter. A letter you won't fully understand or...

What happened to the poplars in the river valley?

Fall colour on the Prairies can be brief. If you throw in the right environmental conditions it can ...

Making things better

I'm one of those folks who honestly doesn't mind filling out most surveys. Case in point: this...


Quickly burying a dead skunk

Walkways? What about the streets?

Randam act of kindness

An opportunity to be heard

Biweekly pickup results in ‘too full’ frustration

Bouquet for museum staff

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