Thursday April 24, 2014


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Brian Zinchuk’s 'kooky’ day

It’s something I’ve seen more than once in my career — the “can’t get past the lead,” or in some cases, “can’t get past the headline,” phenomenon. One example involves an April Fool’s...


Voter apathy … just pure laziness?

The voters have spoken, well at least a few of them did. A byelection was held Wednesday in...

Earth Day — time to embrace a new garbage system

Wednesday is Earth Day. It’s not a stat holiday, so it traditionally gets little notice in...

This and that

We all impatiently await its arrival, but we have to admit spring is not an attractive season in...

Post Office foiled scammers

Myrtle Laird sends a big bouquet out to the North Battleford post office for saving her $4,000. She ...

Farmers’ privilege is hollowed out in Bill C-18

Farmers have been selecting, harvesting, cleaning, storing, replanting and sharing seeds with each...

Talking trash

There’s a letter this week protesting the City of North Battleford’s decision to change garbage...

Crying the blues over recycling

Not really a long weekend

Brave trick or treaters hit NB streets

A few more facts, please

An Honourable Senate

Random ramblings

Lies, damn lies and statistics

What downtown should be

Wisdom of our forefathers

Don't ignore the elephant in room

Time to trash the trash

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