Friday August 01, 2014


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Customer satisfaction

Dear Editor People often complain about the poor customer service they receive at North Battleford businesses and sometimes I must agree. This time, however, I want to share with you a positive customer service experience that I had with an...


Programs support injured veterans

Dear Editor Often I am asked to explain how our government has invested over $4.7 billion new...

Invitation to Wounded Warriors Weekend 2014

Dear Editor Anyone who participated in any aspect of the last two Wounded Warriors Weekends in...

A voice in the wilderness

Dear Editor What previous governments have done to the mentally ill is a travesty to the care...

Iím not that guy

Dear Editor My name is Jay Staples and I live in Edam. My next door neighbour rang my...

Drivers could use a refresher course

Dear Editor Enough is enough! This is my reaction to the quality of driving that has been...

It’s all about the money

Dear Editor I just read your Thursday's column (What is the cost of life? Regional Optimist June ...

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