Sunday April 20, 2014

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Radisson Royal Purple to host seniors

Radisson Royal Purple held their meeting April 7, with the ladies dining out at the local restaurant prior to the meeting. The lodge decided to have their Royal Purple Day tea June 4 when all those 50-plus from Borden, Maymont and Radisson will be

Correspondent Corner

Travel club off to Germany, Switzerland and Austria

The travel club begins their adventure this Friday. They will be up early and sitting in Saskatoon...

Scanning for signs of spring

April 9: Haley deBussac of Hinton Alta. stopped in to visit grandma Rose Danychuk. Haley was on her ...

Meota Chorus entertains at St. Joseph’s Church

Lots of wind with warmer temperatures, but not hot, has reduced the snow banks to puddles, but it's ...

Residents attend Maidstone quilt show

Several people attended the quilt show in Maidstone on the weekend. The show was both Saturday and...

60th wedding anniversary celebration

Well it’s not Roy Roger and Dale Evans, but Dean and June Roger, who were married 60 years in...

Spring not here yet

A light blanket of snow covered the ground once again Sunday morning and the temperature at the...

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