Saturday August 23, 2014

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Aid trucks return empty from Ukraine to Russia; Merkel seeks speedy cease-fire on Kyiv visit

DONETSK, Russia - Hundreds of trucks from a bitterly disputed Russian aid convoy to rebel-held eastern Ukraine rolled back across the border Saturday into Russia but questions about alleged Russian artillery in Ukraine still remained....

posted: August 23,2014

International News

Suicide car bomb hits Iraq Interior Ministry office, killing at least 11 people

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber hit an Interior Ministry building in central Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 11 people, as an investigation was underway into a deadly attack on a Sunni mosque that has heightened sectarian tension amid a...

Egypt calls for open-ended Gaza cease-fire, asks Palestinians, Israel to resume indirect talks

CAIRO - Egypt on Saturday called for an open-ended cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, urging the Palestinians and Israel to return to indirect talks....

Organizers say Chinese authorities shut down Beijing Independent Film Festival on opening day

BEIJING, China - Chinese authorities blocked an annual independent film festival from opening on Saturday, said organizers of an event that has become a rare and influential venue for the showing of films that could be critical of the...

As calm settles in, new fears over what happens in Ferguson if officer isn't charged

FERGUSON, Mo. - Conditions calmed this week in Ferguson after nights of sometimes violent unrest over the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer. But a crucial question lingers: What happens if the grand jury now...

Missing Russian student found dead in Grand Teton National Park in US

MOOSE, Wyo. - A Russian student who went missing in Grand Teton National Park has been found dead....

Extremists' gains, brutality have US reassessing resistance to military action in Syria

WASHINGTON - A senior White House official raised the possibility Friday of a broader American military campaign that targets an Islamic extremist group's bases in Syria, saying the U.S would take whatever action is necessary to protect...

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