Wednesday July 23, 2014


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Raise the expectation--raise the result

Story: If she hadn't approached the topic with such seriousness I think I would have shrieked in sheer delight. The first words out of my 17 year old daughter's mouth when I arrived home were, "Mom, I've been watching the news and I have questions....


Drone images produce unique photos

Story: As with any technology there are good and bad aspects to it. For example nuclear power...

The temperature of a town

There were days this past winter when I wondered, aloud, if perhaps I had been mistakenly born in...

Sad to see the Memories features go

I have been doing Memories articles for awhile and sadly we have had to let them go. I would like...

Sunday drives and ice cream

His job has him on the road five days per week making deliveries throughout our region. We might...


When you’re a little kid it’s easy to make friends. You’re at the park or in school and somehow you ...

Better than a goldfish?

Grover, Elmo and Big Bird are being downsized--well at least as much as a character named Big Bird...

A problem with living rurally

Judging record books

There’s more to today

Measure of success

“Bacon’d out?”

Off to Toronto

Round round we go

Corner Gas movie has green light

(No heading)

What about the Canadians in need?

Where the hearth is

Watch out for that dog at Kisbey

My younger self

Show me your way

Thoughts on dogs

Cover me

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