Thursday October 23, 2014


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Whereís your investment?

They sat in pretty gold frames on the china cabinet. In the fall my mother would carefully add the new 5x7 picture and ensure the glass was completely spotless to display the latest image that represented the current school year. It started with...


How labels allow us to find identity

Recently I came across a video clip on Youtube from the television show ďOprah: Where are they now?...

The key to Thanksgiving

The contents of the box of Thanksgiving decorations were spread out on the table ready to take...

Another big decision for Canada

So, to be honest I'm coming to the debate on the Middle East a little bit late. I hadn't read much...

Getting charged

You put the key into the ignition, give it a twist and listen as the engine begins its gentle hum....

Historical fact and fiction

The other day I read an interesting article on the BBC titled, A point of view: When historical...

The box

When our girls were little we would set aside a weekend every few months to go through "the box."...

Daylight Savings does work

Cracking the code

Cold air settling in

Too many peaches

In a hurry behind the wheel

She knew me

Time will tell

Itís volleyball

There are no shortcuts

Reaching for dreams

No seafoam green dress

Family farm labour laws

I went to camp

The tale of a twist tie

Conspiracy theories

Itís about showing up

Thoughts on rodeos

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