Sunday November 23, 2014


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Negotiating life’s curves

You know it's going to be a different kind of a day when you squeeze the tube and toothpaste comes out the wrong end. Or, when a special friend confirms that she will be spending four days with you. Or when a treasured son and his family, also the ...


The wisdom and joy in taking up our cross daily

The key to finding meaning in suffering is being close to God. “Nothing is wanting to him who...

Be careful how you choose

Ah, elections. Our American friends and neighbours recently elected politicians to fill hundreds of ...

Possessing enough of God to be joyful and forgiving

“Nothing is wanting to him who possesses God,” said St Teresa of Avila. “God alone suffices”. I...

Things left behind

A recent highlight of 2014 for Hubby and me was the visit of our sister-in-law and her three...

It’s still a wonderful life and how we change history

I met a really old man the other day. I asked him, “How old are you?” “Well,” he said. “I was...

What do we do now?

Now for the understatement of the week: Phew, it’s been a harrowing one. Harrowing is just one...

Announcing good news

Parable of mushrooms

Living with seeming disconnects

For these we give thanks

Where is God in the world of ISIS?

Writing a prayer

Not wanting to be anybody else but me

Making things better

Don’t forget

Report from God

It’s all about the numbers

Finding joy when the glass is empty

Crafted by the Master’s hand

The Lord must be in New York City

Be on the winning team

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