Wednesday July 30, 2014


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It was just one thing

In birth order, Granddaughter Number Two recently boosted my ego by asking about one of my dessert specialties. "Grandma," she wrote in an email, "would you send me the recipe for your rhubarb cream pie? I'm hungry for it and I've been telling my


God is a Poet who whispers of love

God is a poet who whispers words in our ears and puts thoughts in our hearts. Recently my wife...

So let the sunshine it

A toe-tapping ditty was popular a few years back: "So let the sunshine in, face it with a grin....

Gloom, despair and agony on me

A couple is travelling down the road. The wife says, “We’re on the wrong road.” The husband replies,...

We’re praying for you

It's hard to find a funny or even light-hearted topic for this week's offering. I can think of some ...

The struggle with glory and the promise of hope

Some strive for it with a fanaticism; some take short cuts and cheat to get it. But that is all for ...

Watch out for deceivers

If I have learned anything about computers and life, it’s this: if it’s too good to be true…well,...

What song shall I sing?

Can it and keep it

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The power of dirt

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Devotions to the Undoer of knots

When the family gets together

It’s now an even smaller world

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His eye is on the geese

UC Chimes: Hope against hope

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