Friday April 18, 2014


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It canít be said more clearly

I guess itís part of my nature but I love to play with nouns, verbs of all conjugations and adjectives. Theyíre all fair game when it comes to manipulating the combination of words and sentences. Mastering the intricacies of grammar has been more


UC Chimes: Someone has to pay!

A few years ago a friend of mine invited my wife and me to a special lunch when we visited to Korea....

Singing our alleluias of gratitude

Long ago, a Persia king wanted to know about the hardships of his people. Often he went to the...

The value of a good fight

ďWhoís turn is it to start?Ē ďWho won the most games yesterday?Ē Typical questions these days...

UC Chimes: Silent God

A friend of mine wondered why God is so slow and quiet! Of course he didnít mean that God is like...

Donít miss the poetry of today

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Mae West Have you met anyone who...


This weekís task was to complete the final edits on a history book I wrote for a client. Itís been...

UC Chimes: How to Keep Balance?

I still hear God and Iím not crazy

Thereís nothing easy about common

UC Chimes: Another Modern Myth


UC Chimes: Lenten season

So much to consider

UC Chimes: An old movie

The chair is not my son or is it

From a most unlikely place

UC Chimes: Something right

Hello God itís just me

UC Chimes: Another race

A tale of two hands

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