Friday October 31, 2014


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Announcing good news

In my books there are few things I enjoy more than a well run and truly meaningful meeting. On the other, there are few things I dread more than meetings that are characterized by inadequate preparation, lack of structure, contention or failure to...


Helping others touch the hem of Christís garment

Following the tradition of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, on his 21st birthday...

Parable of mushrooms

White fungi have invaded our property. Not only that, both the front and back yards are supporting...

Living with seeming disconnects

One night a man came to our house to tell me that a Hindu family of eight children had eaten...

For these we give thanks

Thanksgiving 2014. Since we last joined hands around the turkey-laden table so much has happened in ...

Where is God in the world of ISIS?

Where is God in Iraq today? Where is God when prisoners are tortured and killed? Aleteia, a...

Writing a prayer

I love words. My fascination with them began as a child and to this day, playing with them, kicking ...

Not wanting to be anybody else but me

Making things better

Donít forget

Report from God

Itís all about the numbers

Finding joy when the glass is empty

Crafted by the Masterís hand

The Lord must be in New York City

Be on the winning team

All around itís changing

The secret of a lasting marriage

Making it happen

Sorting it all out

God gives us mulligans

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