Wednesday September 03, 2014


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Be on the winning team

As I write this article there's an important football game being played. One side has promised to win; the other, to give them a mighty run for their money. Hint: one team will be wearing orange uniforms; the other, green. Now I wouldn't dare...


Jesus became one of the creatures He came to save

“Your money or your life?” “I’m thinking it over.” Attributed to comedian Jack Benny. The story...

All around it’s changing

Sometimes the things we take most for granted are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Like flying, for...

The secret of a lasting marriage

From Red Skelton’s “The Perfect Marriage” I share these heart-warming thoughts: I take my wife...

Making it happen

American poet John Greenleaf Whittier once wrote, “For of all sad wo­rds of tongue or pen, the...

Thoughts about hell and our tired efforts at virtue

Eddie Murphy said after the Pope John Paul II was shot, “Why would you shoot the Pope, he’s such a...

Sorting it all out

We humans are quite the categorizers and it’s a good thing, this business of slotting both the...

God gives us mulligans

How God plays peek-a-boo with us

It was just one thing

God is a Poet who whispers of love

So let the sunshine it

Gloom, despair and agony on me

We’re praying for you

Watch out for deceivers

What song shall I sing?

Can it and keep it

UC Chimes: Evening news

The power of dirt

UC Chimes: Three places

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