Thursday April 24, 2014

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On Friday April 11, the people of Stoughton had an opportunity to rub shoulders with Saskatchewan...

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For three days each afternoon every parking spot along Main Street was occupied as people flocked...

Vivid Crystal Tattoo Studio finding success in Stoughton

Crystal Begin has always had a knack for art. Over the years her love developed of both art and...

Wawota School welcomes Neal Hughes to speak about bullying

In 2007, two Nova Scotia students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, noticed a fellow student being...

New bylaw to be drawn up in Carlyle for taxi services

Carlyle Town Council met on Wednesday, April 9, for a regular bimonthly meeting to discuss various...

RCMP Report: April 4 to April 10

The Carlyle Detachment of the RCMP received 60 calls to service for the week of April 4 to April 10....

Elections commissioner halts robocalls probe, says evidence lacking for charges

The five Senate reform questions the Supreme Court will address Friday

High court to issue constitutional road map Friday on Senate reform, abolition

Newfoundland faces 'unacceptably high risk' of power outages in future

C.D. Howe report says temporary foreign workers program has boosted joblessness

Northerners seek more input, relevance in Arctic research

Recent News

Tianna Kennett gains success at Juvenile Canadian Wrestling Championships

Tianna Kennett, 16, Manorís wrestling princess struck again last weekend when she guaranteed her...

$2,000 raised for Carlyle Sports Arena

Community rinks are places that foster youthís development. Whether theyíre playing hockey or...

Disdain or respect?

As the stands filled with parents, friends and fans there was an air of anticipation as there...

What to do with free time now?

Iím sitting here, tired and with a slight headache, but the weekend was worth it....

It canít be said more clearly

I guess itís part of my nature but I love to play with nouns, verbs of all conjugations and...

UC Chimes: Someone has to pay!

A few years ago a friend of mine invited my wife and me to a special lunch when we visited to Korea....


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