Thursday September 18, 2014

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White Bear First Nations Pow Wow: honouring the past, looking to the future

The Bear Claw Casino & Hotel's Annual Celebration at White Bear First Nations on Sept. 6 and 7 was...

First day of school flag-raising ceremony at White Bear Education Complex

A traditional flag-raising ceremony marked the start of the school year Sept. 3 at White Bear...

Wayne Orsted sworn in as Mayor of Carlyle

The first bi-monthly meeting of the month of September for the Carlyle Town Council occurred on...

Weekly RCMP report

The Carlyle RCMP Detachment responded to a total of 42 calls between the week of Friday, Aug. 31,...

Bringing people together: Arcolaís community open house a success

During the Arcola Back to School BBQ on Thursday, Oct. 4, the School Community Council organized a...

Arcola's Ultimate Ladies Extravaganza back bigger and better

In its second year, Arcola's Ultimate Extravaganza has already increased its reach and its success, ...

Costco Canada parting ways with American Express, says new options in the works

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to undergo first round of chemo in coming days

Police say bones found by volunteers searching the Red River are from an animal

City marks first anniversary of fatal train-bus crash

Win or lose, Scottish secessionists inspired battered counterparts in Quebec

Nine jurors selected so far in Magnotta first-degree murder trial

Recent News

Local wrestler attends Summer Youth Olympic Games

When she first took up the sport of wrestling it never occurred to Tianna Kennett of Manor she...

Eagle Showdown speeding into fourth year

It's that time of year again, that is time to look forward to the 4th Annual Flyin' High at the...

Too many peaches

The waitress showed us to our table and immediately launched into an apology to tell us they had...

In a hurry behind the wheel

Why are so many people in a hurry while driving? I find the majority of people travelling along Hwy ...

Itís all about the numbers

Not only are we a society that counts on technology to turn our lights on and off, ensure that the...

Finding joy when the glass is empty

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.†--Emily Dickinson†...


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