Tuesday September 23, 2014

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Cuts to provincial revenue sharing only temporary

Citing an accounting glitch or adjustment as a reason for reducing municipal revenue sharing funds this fiscal year, the provincial government stated this past week that they’ll be on track to increase the funds by 2015-16.

Business & Energy

Carbon capture plan in Alberta gets green light

Shell Canada Quest has received regulatory approval to move forward with a $1.35 billion project...

Exciting period to be in business

Cyrenne recently announced his resignation from the Chamber and his plans to start anew at the...

Businesses in Estevan will have to adjust to new Temporary Foreign Worker Program regulations

Don't be surprised if over the next few years certain businesses no longer operate under a 24-hour...

Aquistore ready to prove itself to public

The Aquistore Project doesn't get the attention its much more expensive sibling, the carbon capture ...

Ball provides a look into clean coal future at Estevan Energy Expo

Friday’s keynote speaker at Estevan’s Energy Expo addressed only a few post-breakfast...

Geothermal project near Estevan now seeking investors

The broadening of Estevan’s energy portfolio is entering its next phase as the city could one ...



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