Friday July 11, 2014


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Keeping it clean is a challenge for all

There are certain days every week where it seems the dirt, dust and grime easily wins the battle for our attention in the Energy City.  We are aware of the fact that when our livelihood depends on digging and drilling, there is going to be a...


CT scanner announced for Estevan, so what's next?

After years of effort from local leaders in the political and medical fields as well as a barrage...

Making the case for apartments

Somebody should be doing it, but unfortunately, nobody has to do it.A good portion of...

Did Energy Expo get the job done?

We know that Estevan’s business community and Chamber of Commerce executive and...

Get to know where the money goes

All donors are to be celebrated for their generosity and at the same time, we expect that all of...

Finding something to do is easy
 in Estevan

The Energy City is the place to be active this summer and, dare we say it, the place to be...

Getting the stuff built like the big kids do

Now that the provincial Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure has persuaded a few of their...


It’s a mess … I think

There is the Bank of Canada and every country has their version of that except Russia, where they...

Drivers and fans pack the track

It may have been a rough night for local modified drivers, but that didn't take the shine off what...

Minor football also hurt by low numbers

There seems to be an epidemic these days in minor sports. Not just in Estevan or Saskatchewan, but...

Healthy dining and a different kind of lottery

I don’t like being a food sleuth, but sometimes ya just gotta do the right thing, especially...

Tons of scoring at World Cup in Brazil

Unfortunately, most of you probably don't care about the World Cup, so you have a choice: keep...

Not that rich in Saskatchewan

So Saskatchewan, are we tired of being wood hewers?I’d guess we are, but so far nobody has...


Support is appreciated

Writer asks drivers to show respect

Estevan native enjoying simple, natural life

Writer unhappy with coverage of trial

Envision clarifies role in play

Green Party glad to see successful results for Morris family

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