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We made Facebook again. Please don’t believe everything that you read. The initial comment was “ The cops in this town are getting a bit bizarre! Keep your hands on the ten and two! And don’t even use mouthwash!!!

         I am not sure what is inferred by the “Bizarre” but I do know it is actually 3 and 9 where the hands are suppose to be. Thus I can somewhat age the writer being I was also taught 10 and 2. I believe this changed so as if we are in an accident we don’t get punched when the air bag goes off. Regardless, we do think two hands on the steering wheel is safer.

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         As for mouthwash, please use it. Brush your teeth as well. Make your dentist proud. That said, we are legally permitted to randomly test for sobriety and we do so quite frequently. Glad to hear the Members are doing their job.

         • It is alleged that one of us “rear ends” (nicer than the term used) was in disguise in a black sports car.  Another individual referred to the vehicle as a ghost car. The Member was not in disguise, just not in uniform. We don’t have a black sports car. The Member was in our administration vehicle. No lights, no siren, no radio. They were looking for offenders. We do have an unmarked car, with lights, siren, and all the fixings, and it may have been out as well.

         • We did catch approximately 6 seatbelt violators plus other offenders so I think the Members were productive in their efforts to make our roadways safer.

         • One Member was referred to as “Young Punk”. The Member may be young, however, they are not worthless. (I looked up the definition of punk). It is expensive to train a Member. They are worth a lot.

         • Now, if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about, however, we all make mistakes and sooner or later we all get a ticket or if lucky a warning.

         • There was also a reference to a bad altercation with a Member on Main Street that was not even in uniform. It was not an altercation per say, more like an interaction and the Member was in uniform, on their way home after completing a full shift. The Member followed a vehicle that had a young child sitting in the open window with their hands on the roof. This is a dangerous and concerning situation and I am proud the Member took the time to rectify the situation. It did not go as smoothly as we would have liked, however, the Member did their job.

         • The allegation was the Member was a real “rear end”. Such language. Just remember it takes two to tango.

         • The suggestion is to call the Depot and report him. Please call the Detachment Commander or come visit. The individual in question came in the following day and talked to both the Detachment Commander and the Member and we clarified concerns. The individual still obtained the ticket and accepted it with respect and understanding. Good on this individual.

         • Now I agree we can be better, do better and wait a minute, last I checked we too are human. Isn’t there something somewhere about “To err is human to forgive is divine?” You expect, and want us to use discretion, and compassion, yet you do not seem to want to provide us the same courtesy.

         • As always we dealt with a “Static” 911 call and one false alarm.

         • Due to alleged bad memories an individual chose to burn down an abandoned residence. This residence was not theirs and they were therefore arrested and charged. I guess they now have new bad memories.

         • We like to say we have a Legal System, rather than a Justice System. Recently we located an individual wanted out of Alberta, radius Alberta including the Saskatchewan side of Lloydminster. We don’t want him here, they don’t want him back. Unfortunately, this is common and more often than not the warrants are Provincial wide only. There are even cases where they are within lets say a 10 km radius of a major centre. It is not logical but it is the system.

         • Members responded to a domestic where one individual was arrested and charged. There remains the possibility the other individual may be charged as well.

         • A reported domestic was investigated and Members determined the couple just did not get along. This is not criminal, however, often our attendance and efforts result in calming a situation before it becomes criminal.

         • One individual ended up spending some time in the hoosgow after getting in a fight and biting someone. They were released the following day with direction to not attend the residence where they apparently got hungry.

         • Upon arriving at a residence where it was reported that intoxicated individuals were fighting Members determined it appeared the complainant was the instigator and all the others left which apparently further annoyed the intoxicated complainant.

         • An intoxicated youth was causing problems and tried to run from the Police. He was located and subsequently charged with causing a Disturbance and Obstruction.

         • Members assisted in dealing with an individual that had been kicked out of a residence by a landlord and chose to return. This could have easily resulted in charges, however, discretion was utilized.

         • A report of loud music resulted in foot patrols, however, music was no longer being played.

         • We assisted both Saskatoon Police Service and Regina Police Service in clearing up some warrants. Both individuals were cooperative and released for a new court date.

         • We attended a fire in Redvers which the volunteer firefighters were able to quickly bring under control. It appears to be accidental in nature.

         • An oilfield trailer with a generator set inside was stolen from Redvers. Our investigation continues.

         • An individual was caught shoplifting and there were further issues being the proprietors of the establishment took photos. Apologies were made, no charges laid, however, we can’t stop people from videoing, or photographing you. Many establishments have video which prevents crimes and assists in identifying suspects.

         • So an individual allegedly owes another individual a substantial amount of money for damaging their crops. The individual that allegedly damaged the crops states the other individual is responsible for them losing three cattle and the other individual also stole hay. Enough said? It is civil.

         • An individual reported their child was receiving messages that their sibling was going to get beat up. Upon commencing the investigation it appears the complainant was more concerned with who their child was hanging out with. The child then alleged that they did not want to go with the parent due to discipline issues. Everyone finally agreed as to where the child could stay and our job was done.

         • We had a third hand report of an alleged sexual assault, the alleged victim is upset that we found out and is not cooperating. We provided Victim Services and we will follow up later to make sure the alleged victim is OK.

         • Some families get along, while others do not. Unfortunately we don’t have the time or resources to spend all day monitoring the division of equipment and property and ensure one individual does not assault another. I am not sure why this is even an expectation, but it is. We know we will be back.

         • Spouse says “Dear”, “Dear, “DEEEER” Other spouse says “Stop yelling”, then “THUMP” and second spouse says “Maybe if you called me honey instead of deer I would have reacted sooner?” Other spouse replies “Sorry Dear, I mean Honey” Poor deer, I mean dear, or is it both?

         • Several ATVs and motorcycles were allegedly driving around with operators without helmets leaving a trail of beer cans behind. We think we found them but those who were responsible for the vehicles denied operating in such a manner. We are not saying we were lied to, we are just saying we get lied to a lot.

         • Members stopped a vehicle they found operating in a manner that attracted their attention. We call it “spidey senses” Not that they have been bit by a radioactive spider, or any spider, rather, they just felt something was awry. This resulted in a 72 hour suspension for the driver and an open liquor ticket for the passenger. 

         • Approximately 35 tickets and 30 warnings were issued over the last week.

         • I know we have provided tips before and here we go again. If you are talking on your cell phone while driving a vehicle, don’t go through the stop sign. If you don’t have a valid licence make sure everyone, especially children have a driver’s licence. Remember those big yellow vehicles called school buses? Stay away from them. One individual drove through the extended stop sign and was ticketed. The bus drivers are really getting tired of individuals that don’t respect this.

         • Tickets were issued for no insurance - $580, owner permit unregistered vehicle to be operated - $140, fail to stop at stop sign - $230, operate a motor vehicle with a passenger under 7 unsecured - $175, passenger fail to wear seatbelt - $175,  fail to wear seatbelt - $175, drive without a licence -$150, pass school bus when stop arm extended - $360, cell phone use - $280, create unnecessary noise with a motor vehicle - $100, fail to produce registration certificate - $100, liquor in a vehicle - $360 and most expensive speeding ticket was for $296 and for going over 60 km/hr when passing an emergency vehicle was for $708.

         • Warning notices were issued for fail to stop at stop sign, cell phone use, speeding, overcrowding passenger compartment, fail to wear seatbelt, follow too close, fail to produce registration,  and unlawfully have auxiliary lamps mounted higher than headlamps.

         • Inspection notices were issued for repair, replace or remove black film from brake light covers, mud flaps or fenders, and obtain cover for auxiliary light bar mounted above windshield when operating a vehicle.

         • Tip of the week “Leaving your vehicle running with the air conditioning on may cool things down, however, they sure heat up when your vehicle is stolen.


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