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• We have paint and we will use it. Thus, please stop spinning your tires on the new “Rainbow” cross walk at the elementary school. It has already been re-painted twice. You don’t have to like it, and if you don’t like it, well don’t drive on that road. Pretty simple. I actually think it brightens up the road and I known the kids will like the bright colours.

         We had five false alarms and one accidental 911 call. Tsk, tsk, grandchildren, you can spoil them but don’t trust them around a phone. We also assisted other agencies, including Social Services, Conservation and Corrections and unfortunately we had too many child welfare and mental health files. This is becoming more common and with the child welfare usually involves one or two unrealistic parents.

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         An individual was thought to be acting suspiciously near a farm field. Patrols were made and the individual confirmed they pulled over to relieve themselves. It is all about bladder control folks.

         We need to do more to educate our young drivers. Now if your new driver borrows a vehicle and brings it back and fuels it up so as the parent does not realize it was gone. Great right? Well not always. The young driver needs to also know the difference between diesel and gas. Now how did we find out about this you may ask. You see the parent thought someone dumped diesel into their vehicle, as in vandalism. It did not take long for the truth to come out.

         We can’t just ignore 911 hangups and we always investigate them. Often we find the hangup was because someone caused another person to hangup the phone, or an individual may have called and hung up because the other individual was near or coming into the room. Recently a 911 hangup resulted in 2 people being charged for assault. This transpired when we attended and investigated the 911 hangup.

         • An individual suspected their ex was coming into their home when they were gone. The other party no longer had a key. The complainant did not want us to do anything, rather, they just wanted us to be aware. We are now aware.

         • We have had several harassing communications investigations. Often the best way to resolve this is to block the number, or remove the other individual from your social media. The one investigations involves some threats to post inappropriate photos. The other one involves inappropriate comments via a letter, yes old school, but still harassing communications. Both investigations are continuing.

         • Two friends began arguing. The police get called. One friend realizes the police are coming and leaves. Problem solved.

         • One spouse is drunk and obnoxious, the other spouse is not. The police get called and the obnoxious spouse is not so obnoxious anymore, however they were still drunk and were provided a room for the night.

         • Child has a couple drinks. Parent upset. Parent continues to be upset when Police arrive and don’t arrest the youth just because the parent wants the Police to arrest their child. We provided the youth a ride to another residence. The youth was happy, their parent was not. Unfortunately, it is not our job to make people happy. We try, that is all we can do, try.

         • Does your child have a dirt bike? Are they driving it around the track at the school in Redvers? Maybe your child is deceiving you? Our investigation is continuing.

         • Siblings were not getting along and allegations were flying back and forth. Upon arrival of the Police things calmed down.

         • There were minor injuries during a collision between a semi and a smaller vehicle. The investigation resulted in the semi driver receiving a “Stop Sign” ticket, a failure to maintain a daily log ticket and a warning for driving with undue care and attention.

         • Another collision involved a youth that rolled their vehicle. This was not reported for about an hour. We suspect there is more to the story, but, well we are suspicious types and get lied to a lot.

         • An individual was pulled over for tinted windows and tail lights. They then failed to provide an adequate sample into an approved screening device and were charged for refusal. The vehicle was subsequently seized and the driver lost their licence. Refusing to provide a breath sample is the same punishment as impaired driving folks.

         • Another individual was pulled over, began recording and yelling at the Member. This result was a ticket for inadequate tail lights. I can’t say for certain, however, cooperation would have likely just resulted in an inspection notice and saved the driver $115. The video was posted on social media. Sticks and stones will break our bones, but names will never hurt us. Well in reality the video did bother the Member and his family but, it is part of the job. People call us names and make false allegations all the time.

         • We had several erratic driver calls over the last week. Unfortunately white vehicles are too common and we did not locate these vehicles. Another import car, blue in colour was also looked for to no avail.

         • Unfortunately for one company they did not realize a fuel card was being misused until several thousand dollars worth of fuel was charged to it. Our investigation is continuing.

         • We had a wallet stolen from a vehicle and several ATM withdrawals had occurred before the owner noticed. Please lock you vehicle and don’t leave a PIN number near your bank cards.

         • A vehicle was pulled over and seized for 30 days because the driver was suspended.

         • Members were investigating possible drug use in a vehicle. Patrols were made and the vehicle was located. The passenger provided a fake name and they were arrested and charged for obstruction as well as numerous breach of release condition charges. How did we know? We are investigators and can not let out all our secrets. I will say this though, some people are bad liars. That, and the fact if everyone else in the vehicle can be found on our computers and you can’t. You are likely a liar.

         • Another 72 hour suspension was issued and the individual also received a ticket for failing to comply with licence restriction.

         • Members issued approximately 25 tickets and 30 warnings over the last week.

         • Tickets were issued for fail to proceed when safe - $230,  fail to maintain a daily log - $150, no insurance - $580, cell phone - $280, fail to produce registration - $100, fail to yield when making a turn - $230, inadequate tail lights - $115, fail to stop at stop sign - $230, fail to produce drivers licence - $100, fail to wear seatbelt - $175, fail to comply licence restriction - $150 and the most expensive speeding ticket was for $210.

         • Warnings were issued for drive with undue care and attention, fail to produce drivers licence, have liquor in a vehicle, no insurance, fail to properly secure licence plates, fail to stop at stop sign, excessive damage to windshield, cell phone and speeding.

                  • Inspection notices were issued for replace licence plate or properly locate licence plate, inadequate fenders or mudflaps, window tint, inadequate windshield, and inadequate muffler or exhaust.t

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