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I imagine by now some of you have missed the weekly reports. Although I generally enjoy doing them, I enjoy time off more.

         • We did not get any misdialed 911 calls over this long reporting period. Some may think this would warrant a submission to the TV series “Twilight Zone”. I just think we lucked out. We did get 8 false alarms, two that were directly linked to a storm. Mother nature beats technology every time.

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         • We did get one person who called 911 over their displeasure in the RCMP for arresting a member of their family. We warned them about the misuse of 911, however, we were not able to alleviate their concerns being the arrest was lawful and unlike TV we don’t have to show a warrant to arrest someone. Our neighbours to the south and Hollywood can make our job so much more difficult. Another individual called 911 because they could not find their bank card. This again is misuse of 911.

         • We had numerous assaults and uttering threats investigations, including one involving children where an adult was charged for assault and resist arrest. I guess if you are so tough that you can assault children you think you are also so tough that you think you don’t have to comply with the direction of the Police. This individual was so wrong.

         • You know how we all complain that a bird does its job on our vehicle just after we wash it or it rains just after we wash it. Well complain no more. How about the vehicle catches fire. More proof that it can always be worse. Fortunately with the assistance of fire extinguishers damage was minimal.

         • Someone attempted to break into several business’s and damaged others. We had a suspect, however, we were only able to lay charges for businesses that had video. Let us just say this subject remains in custody and the crime spree has ended.

         • A break in to a residence was reported, however, it was more of a relationship break up issue and Members mediated it to a somewhat positive outcome. Although there is always more to the story you generally can’t just lock your spouse out of the residence and then call the Police when they try and get back in to the residence. It does not matter who pays the bills, the mortgage, the car payments, when you are married or common law everything is mutually owned.

         • Some people like to poke the bear. If you are on conditions of no contact with someone and you are also not be within let us say 100 metres of this same person don’t go near them. Now we do understand sometimes by chance one might accidentally breach this condition and we do use discretion, however, if it keeps happening someone gets charged.

         • A customer complained that the proprietor of a business’s did something illegal to their property. Unfortunately for the customer the proprietor of the business had video which showed the allegations to be totally false. Aggravating the situation was the customer almost got arrested causing a disturbance for swearing and screaming. Apparently, after all was said and done the customer bought a case of beer by way of apology. No charges, but a tough way to earn a case of beer for the business owner. 

         • People still choose to not attend court. We then get warrants for them, arrest them, and then they sometimes choose not to go to court again. The cycle continues. Sometimes we remand them in custody but generally they don’t stay in custody long. Again, blame our neighbours to the south and blame Hollywood if you choose to believe differently.

         • Your spouse may stop arguing with you once they realize you have called the Police. That said, the Police will likely still come a calling to make sure all is OK. Just because you don’t want us to come anymore does not mean we won’t come. Remember you called us.

         • If your employer or anyone gives you a cheque and you choose to change the amount that is against the law. Usually we go with uttering a forged document being that is easier to prove than trying to prove you forged it. Yes, this happens more than you think.

         • We still get complaints of cheques that bounce. If you don’t have to take a cheque don’t. Money Orders can also be forged, cash is usually reliable, however, take a photo of their ID and at least you will be able to confirm who they are if they choose to bounce a cheque. You can always talk to your bank and ask them what is the most reliable way to do business. Generally they are up to date.

         • You are a winner and all you have to do is send cash to pay for towing fees, transfer fees, registration fees.......wait, this is a fraud. If you win something, inherit something it does not cost you. Please do not trust this professional fraudsters.

         • Although we are still getting vehicles vandalized by keys we know this will come to an end some time in the future being many cars don’t have keys per say anymore.

         • Suspects damaged a residence which appears to be retaliation for those in the residence stealing from the suspects. Our investigation continues.

         • When families don’t get along the Police often get involved. We are dealing with a lot of finger pointing and allegations, but remember folks. We need facts. An example would be I think so and so did it because that is the kind of person so and so is. I want you to arrest them.

         • An attempted fuel theft was reported. It happened in June and the caller needs a file number for insurance purposes? Another attempted fuel theft involved a former employee. The business owner did not want charges. A swather had approximately $150 worth of fuel taken from it and a camera was stolen from the Redvers landfill site.

         • Members responded to a loud party complaint and it sure was quiet. We never did figure out where the party was. If you want us to come to a party you have to give us advance notice.

         • An individual asked a second individual through social media to check on a third individual. That second individual chose to call the Police and upon our investigation it appears everything was OK.

         • Remember the song “Someone’s knocking at the door”? Well if you are knocking at the door and you are drunk don’t be surprised if you end up in gaol. You have to admit though, it is a good song.

         • If you fall in love with an individual that just got out of custody and part of the romance involved you paying cash to bail them out of gaol, well it is not our problem when they leave you and now you no longer have a romantic interest or the money you used to bail your former romantic interest out of gaol. Unfortunately, not our problem.

         • We had five impaired drivers arrested and two 72 hr suspensions. Some folks just don’t get it.

         The cattle calls keep coming in. We had cattle loose all over the Detachment area. Not sure why they are all getting loose. Maybe because they think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?

         • We assisted Child Welfare on numerous occasions including one where an impaired driver was located with two children and two dogs in the vehicle. Child welfare took care of the children and we had to find a way to take care of the dogs being they could not remain in the vehicle being it was seized. Samples of 100/ 90 mg% were obtained from the driver.

         • An individual paid someone to borrow their vehicle. The individual happened to be impaired and provided samples of 200/190 mg%. The vehicle was seized and the driver charged. The owner was warned that they could be charged for Public Mischief being they tried to say the vehicle was taken without their permission.

         • Another impaired driver tried to jump the ditch like the “Dukes of Hazard” and subsequently got arrested and provided samples of 180/200 mg%.

         • An unauthorized driver was also found to be impaired and provided samples of 130 mg%.

         • Another driver was determined not to have a valid licence, however, they subsequently provided samples of 90/80 mg%.

         • Still another driver was charged after providing samples of 110/90 mg%.

         • One driver was speeding and got the speeding ticket and a 72 hr suspension while another received a warning for failing to stop at a stop sign and a 72 hr suspension. 

         • Members responded to collision involving a deer and motorcycle. Our dispatch read “There are injuries but no entrapment” Umm, deer and motorcycle, can you imagine if there was an entrapment?

         • We had an ATV rollover which resulted in the injured operator being transported by STARS.

         • Old vehicles are nice to own and drive but they have to be roadworthy. One traffic stop resulted in inspection notices to replace windshield, repair licence plate lights, attach muffler to exhaust and repair burnt out headlight.

         • In other traffic news, Members wrote 90 tickets and 100 warnings over the past 3 weeks.

         • Tickets were issued for cannabis in a vehicle - $360, driver with undue care and attention - $280, stop sign - $230, have liquor in a vehicle - $360, intoxicated in public - $200, no insurance - $580, permit unregistered vehicle to be on a highway -$175, unregistered trailer - $175, disobey stop sign at railway crossing - $230, fail to produce drivers licence - $100, drive to left of solid centre line - $150, window tint - $115, fail to wear seatbelt - $175, operate a commercial vehicle without a subsisting inspection certificate - $90, fail to keep or maintain daily log - $150, stunting - $150, no drivers licence - $150 and the most expensive tickets were exceeding 60 km/hr passing and emergency vehicle $570, and for regular speeding $300, $300, $300, $320, $320, $538, and $776.

         • Warnings were issued for cannabis in a vehicle, fail to produce drivers licence, excessive damage to windshield, stop sign, fail to produce registration, speeding, calibrate speedometer, fail to produce drivers licence, operate a commercial vehicle equipped with a radar device, passing when unsafe, create unnecessary noise with a motor vehicle, obstructed licence plate, insecure load, inadequate headlamp and fail to have bumpers.

         • Inspection notices were issued for inadequate headlights, replace faded licence plate, cover auxiliary lamps, inadequate brake lights, inadequate mudflaps/fenders, window tint, inadequate tires, inadequate windshield, inadequate exhaust or muffler, and repair daytime running lights.


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