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• If you are concerned about the manner in which an individual acts, say a child, you would normally bring it to the parents’ attention. This is often the way things get resolved. I remember as a child our neighbour told my mother her son utilized a word that starts with “F” and rhymes with the black disk that we smack around with a hockey stick. I ended up getting my mouth washed out with soap. After that I really worked on watching my use of profanity, for if I can get my mouth washed out with soap for what my brother did, who knows what would have happened if I got caught swearing.

         • So the point of the above story is if you have concerns in relation to how we are doing our job or how our Members are acting or behaving, please come see me, call me or write me a letter or e-mail. I am kind of like the parent and, although I will not wash their mouths out with soap or “spank” them, I can deal with them in other appropriate ways if it is deemed they have been, let us say unprofessional. In addition, often when I explain what the Members were doing and why they were doing it I find out the clarity resolves many concerns. If the Members are in the wrong it is documented.

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         • Now I would like to respond to the individual that wrote us a note and put it outside our door but, well, it was nonsensical and beyond not liking the police and possibly our education system. I have no idea what the issue is or was.

         • We had an interesting week. If you have been in a long-term relationship with an individual and you choose to advise the spouse about your long term relationship, we guarantee it will not go well. Someone is going to get upset. Be it the spouse you were in the relationship with, the spouse you confronted or possibly even yourself. Our assault investigation continues.

         • If you are acting suspiciously, parking in an odd place, or parking in an area where the businesses are closed, you will attract our attention or the attention of someone who may just call the Police. Recently we had a vehicle parked suspiciously and we arrested the driver for impaired driving. On another occasion, an individual chose to walk away from the vehicle we had stopped. They were identified and arrested for outstanding warrants. Ironically, if they had chosen to just sit in the vehicle, we would have likely never even inquired as to who they were. We call it “Spider Senses”. Everyone has them but Police Officers tend to develop extra sensitive “Spider Senses”.

         • If you need the Police and it is not an emergency call your local Detachment, or you can call 310-RCMP (7267) Please don’t call 911. Examples of an emergency would be if you are observing someone being assaulted, observing someone driving erratically, a motor vehicle collision with injuries or a fire. Examples of non-emergency would be a hit and run, anything that happened hours or days before, or say an injured animal, say a kitten needing help.

         • I often question things, sometimes I never get the answer. Recently I questioned myself. Did the semi driver that almost got hit by the train by Walpole even know the train almost struck them? If so, did they buy a lottery ticket?

         • McLeod’s Auto Service was broken into and a vehicle stolen. Hopefully we will have found the black 2009 Pontiac Torrent with a Saskatchewan licence plate of 392 ITQ by the time you read this.

         • We received a report of a 3-year-old without clothes, walking a dog. The parent was located and we contacted Social Services to ensure the parent had the support and also involved our Victim Services Unit. Apparently, the child was tired of potty training and fled the residence. We appreciate the caller that advised us of the child and we are happy the result of the investigation was not “crappy”.

         • Before you allege your ex stole your mail and mailbox key and involve the Police, please take the time to look for it. It resolves the issue of you harassing your ex by making false allegations and more importantly resolves the Police getting involved.

         • Folks, if you are angry and choose to yell, scream and swear in public, we will get involved and we can arrest you and we can charge you for “Causing a Disturbance”. Some people feel that profanity is acceptable. Sorry it is not. Remember in the old days you would have gotten your mouth washed out with soap.

         • If your neighbour is upset about your dog being loose, please do not call the RCMP to complain that your neighbour is complaining and harassing you about your dog being loose. The easiest way to resolve the issue is deal with your loose dog. We understand people get frustrated, however, telling a Police Officer you will cause someone harm is not bright. We make good witnesses and it is an offence to threaten to cause someone harm.

         • Unfortunately, we are encountering more and more people with mental health concerns. If you encounter someone that is causing you concern, please contact us. We will hopefully be able to assist in resolving things before it becomes an issue.

         • We attended a residence after receiving a complaint of two family members fighting. Apparently once they realized the Police were coming, they realized it was more important to flee than to continue their aggressive actions. Patrols were made, however, they behaved for the remainder of the evening and avoided attracting any more attention to themselves.

         • It seems every week we get several hit and run collisions. If you ever see someone strike another vehicle, please document what you observed and let the victim know. It is hard to fathom how often we have no suspects and no witnesses. We did have success on one occasion being we were notified immediately and, through our investigation, the suspect vehicle was seized. The operator was subsequently charged with failing to remain or report a collision - Court Appearance Required, operate an uninsured motor vehicle- $580 and drive with undue care and attention - $280.

         • The public keeps calling in about erratic drivers. Although we don’t find them all we sure like looking for them. Please keep the calls coming in.

         • Someone felt the need to vandalize a swather. Two windows were broken. The cost to repair the windows was approximately $2500.00

         • We know that “Homespun” is popular, so popular that people will sleep in their vehicle the night before to ensure they get in at the start of the show. We found this after receiving a complaint from a concerned citizen. Realistically though, we like these calls. Better safe than sorry.

         • We have a report that someone feels someone else is standing at the end of their driveway staring at them. This has apparently happened more than once, however, calling after the fact causes difficulty for our Members to investigate.

         • We had a report of horses on the highway.  We guess they were horsing around previous to our arrival and chose to avoid having to interact with the Police and explain their actions.

         • How much damage can a raccoon do to a vehicle? Let us just say, a lot, especially when hit at highway speed. The vehicle required a tow truck.

         • Two ATV’s were observed operating with the operators not wearing helmets. Members initiated their overhead lights causing both ATV’s to flee. One subsequently hit a chain link fence and the operator fell off. Gross signs of impairment were noted (over and above the fact the operator drove into a fence) and the driver was arrested. The accused subsequently provided two samples of their breath with the results being 280 mg%. The ATV was seized, as was the accused driver’s licence.

         • While Members were enroute to an urgent call they had difficulty passing a vehicle that refused to pull over. Fortunately, one of our Traffic Members was able to pull the offending vehicle over. The driver was subsequently arrested for impaired driving and provided samples of 210/200 mg%. This was the second impaired driver arrested by that Member in one night.

         • Members issued approximately 13 tickets and 17 warnings over the last six days.

         • Tickets were issued for drive with undue care and attention - $280, no insurance/registration - $580, fail to produce insurance/registration - $100, fail to wear approved eyewear and helmet on an ATV - $100, and most expensive speeding tickets were for exceeding 60 km/hour when passing an emergency vehicle - $554, exceed 60 km/hour when passing highway workers - $1,142 (ouch), and speeding $332.

         • Warnings were issued for driving with undue care and attention, fail to stop at stop sign, no insurance, fail to wear seatbelt, stunting, and obstructed licence plate.

                  • Inspection notices were issued for inadequate headlamps, inadequate windshield, and inadequate taillight.

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