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• Addictions issues added to mental health concerns resulted in an argument which lead to a fight which lead to two people being arrested and charged for Assault. When you don’t get along please don’t abuse substances with the person you don’t get along with. If you choose to do so expect that the Police will get involved.

         • We had several missing persons reported. One was actually determined to be an individual looking for their ex so that they could return a photo album and they expected us to assist. They were basically told “Not our monkey, not our circus” Okay, we were a little more polite, but the caller was very unsatisfied that we were not doing what they expected of us.

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         • Another missing person was quickly located hiding in the dark in one of our educational facilities. Now, when I did not want to go to class I sure did not try and hide in the school. Not that I was good at hiding, but going to school to hide to avoid going to school? I am sure I am missing something.

         • We are investigating a youth assaulting a sibling and damaging property. Unfortunately the youth is travelling down the wrong path. We walk that path and if they continue down the path we will interrupt their voyage and assist in commencing the beginning of their criminal record.

         • A youth came to the Detachment to report threats via social media. Upon investigating the complaint the Member found the complainant had also sent some unacceptable messages. We basically told the complainant to “grow up” and our investigation continues only to tell the other social media user to “grow up”.

         • Alcohol, plus social media, plus hormones equals a call to the Police. Please stay off social media when intoxicated and angry.

         • So, there is an individual that has a history of violence which ended a previous relationship. Okay, there are lots of individuals like this. More specifically one in our Detachment  recently entered into another relationship with someone who also has, let us say, a checkered past. When the alleged aggressor started to be abusive and assault their new “love” they were surprised to find the new victim defended themselves and utilized a weapon on the aggressor. Thus a charge of assault against the one who was stabbed and assault with a weapon against the other.

         • We have been getting several break and enters and attempted break and enters in our area and the surrounding Detachment area’s. If you see something out of the ordinary please call 310- 7267. (310-RCMP)

         • An individual was marking natural gas lines and failed to notify the homeowner that he would be in the back yard being they did not think anyone was home. When they realized someone was home they chose to knock on the back door. The home owner called an off duty Member who called on duty Members. Everything was legit and the worker was given some advice on how to conduct their duties without attracting the Police.

         • If you choose to separate from your spouse, please don’t just change the locks. Remember it does not matter who pays the bills. If you are common law or married the property is mutual property. You cannot prevent one individual from entering the residence. So far so good, however, we may get involved more than by just providing advice.

         • The good news is some of the farmers have been able to get out in the fields. The bad news is not for long and for one individual worse being their bailer caught fire. The Alida Volunteer Fire Department attended.

         • An intoxicated individual was hanging around another individual’s yard. They called the Police and the intoxicated individual took this as being a good time to leave. Patrols did not locate the individual and they chose to return only to flee again.

         • Members responded to a call of an unwanted intoxicated guest at a residence. Upon arrival the guest had departed and the caller chose not to co-operate with our investigation and would not identify the previously unwanted guest. Thus we had nobody to look for. Fine by us.

         • We received several calls in relation to driving complaints. We patrolled looking for a vehicle with three individuals, including a child without a seatbelt. However, we did not locate it. We did locate a white cube van and believe wind may have been the reason it was allegedly all over the road. A vehicle that was speeding in the construction zone was located and due to circumstances they were provided a warning.   

         • We had a reported “gas and dash”. Due to video we were able to identify the alleged offender and determined it was a “too much on the mind and just forgot”. The gas was paid for by a sheepish individual.

         • If you like my articles you should read those of my colleague in Moosomin. The following is an example of his writing skills:

         • A cow was struck by a vehicle on the 600.  Lucky for us, the cow left his ID behind as the ear tag became dislodged.  A warrant of arrest has been issued for TX 15bc.  The vehicle and driver were fine. The cow has no ID and will have difficulty if it gets stopped driving a vehicle, attempting to board an aircraft, or tries to enter a licenced premise.

         • Speaking of not being any help to you, a couple had split up and there was a complaint about harassing communications from one to the other. I dunno, the report speaks of a microchipped cat and one of the two has custody/ownership of it and I’m guessing this didn’t sit well with the caller. There was talk of the someone calling their lawyer, and in any event, Cst. Berkshire was quickly able to determine we were not the agency to assist.  File concluded. I’m looking up at the ceiling of my office right now trying to recall from my childhood any cop show that had calls about cat custody issues and I’m coming up dry. Likely a good thing, because if I had any idea police got calls like this I might have become an alarm company sales rep.

         • Drugs are bad. Some are real bad, as in the drugs one of our callers was using. Apparently after doing some illegal substances, the caller did not think they were “right” and they began to see people. We were unfortunately not able to identify the caller or the phone and after extensive patrols we were unable to locate the caller. I know in Hollywood they just “ping” the cell phone. Unfortunately, in the rural area it gives us too large of a geographic area.

         • A property owner found some oats, trail cams and a hunting camp on their land which was posted as “No Hunting” The property was removed by the property owner.

         • We know business owners can be busy and may not pay the appropriate attention to the money being handed to them but if it is rough and crinkled take a look. We had several counterfeit bills passed throughout the Detachment area. They include $5, $20 and $100 bills. If you take the time you can tell they are not the real deal. If you are not sure compare them to a real bill. Some of those seized are not even the same size. Our investigation continues.

• We are also investigating a couple incidents of cheque fraud. Our big tip here is to keep track of your bank account.

         • Two individuals were charged with failing to comply with their release conditions. They will have to go to court and explain why they chose not to follow their release conditions.

         • We had several false alarms. On one instance we attended a business. The employee that met us was hesitant to co-operate being the kind of business that was being operated. They panicked and gave a false name. Previous to the departure of the Police the employee admitted they had made an error in judgement and they were advised they could have been arrested for obstructing justice.

         • Two intoxicated individuals were located and one chose to try and run away. They did not succeed and were lodged for the night without charges.

         • A vehicle was pulled over for an obstructed licence plate. There was a strong odour of cannabis in the vehicle and the driver provided an oral test resulting in a positive reading and a 60-day suspension and a $150 fine for the obstructed licence plate.

         • We had another racoon attack a vehicle on the highway. The racoon lost while the vehicle received some damage.

         • An individual was pulled over for speeding and received a $296 ticket and to top it off received another $360 for liquor in the vehicle.

         • Using drugs and driving is not a good plan. We had another youth receive a three-day impoundment and a 60-day licence suspension. This could change once the blood results come back.

         Members wrote approximately 15 tickets and 30 warnings over the last week.

         Tickets were issued for liquor in a vehicle - $360,  no insurance - $580, fail to wear seatbelt - $175, operate a motor vehicle with a youth under 7 without a seatbelt - $175, operate a motor vehicle with a youth under 16 years old without a seatbelt - $175, and obstructed licence plate -$150, exceed 60 km/hr when passing an emergency vehicle - $342, exceed 60 km/hr when in a construction zone - $500 and $924, and the most expensive speeding ticket was for $538.

         • Warnings were issued for speeding, fail to produce registration, operate a motor vehicle with a youth under 7 years of age without a seatbelt, obstructed licence plate, fail to produce drivers licence, and inadequate windshield.

         Inspection notices were issued for remove window tint, inadequate windshield, inadequate headlamps, inadequate day time running lights, and inadequate mudflaps.


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