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• We had a 911 misdial and a couple people who called 911 because that is how they chose to get a hold of the Police. Remember how some rules apply to everybody and others don't . . . "NOT". Please don't abuse 911. A 911 call was received over a noisy party. Members explained that this is not a proper use of 911 and upon making a patrol, we discovered the party appeared to be over. We actually got a conviction in court last court date where the fine dispersed by the Judge was $200. 

            • I will again quote my colleague in Moosomin. I know I am going to owe him several coffees, maybe even something stronger: "If you have an alarm please make sure YOU are the person called, not police.  An alarm going off is not proof positive of a crime in progress and if you aren't interested in going to it we aren't either.  As of last week, Saskatchewan RCMP had over 7000 false alarms.  Moosomin owns 76 of those.  So far that is more than 1 police officer doing nothing but data entry for false alarms.  Not a good use of our time or your policing dollars.  To an alarm company it's someone paying $40 a month to them to make a phone call to your taxpayer funded resources, nothing more.  For us it's time wasted when we could be doing traffic enforcement or working on priorities established by our communities."

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            • Mental Health and Child Welfare calls occupied quite a bit of our time again and we have had more false alarms.

            • It is getting scary out there. Like, really Christmas lights before Halloween? Personally I think we should, as a society, wait until after Remembrance Day to start the Christmas season, but that is just my opinion.

            • A youth stole from a parent and then threw an object at the parent, likely when confronted by the parent. Due to the conflict present we became involved. I am not saying a spanking or physical harm should have taken place, rather what I am saying is I would have never tried that with one of my parents and I turned out okay, or that is what my parent has told me.

            • I know some may be hesitant to provide information to the RCMP and it can be scary and uncomfortable coming to the Police with information being some fear there will be repercussions. There might be, however, we kind of take it personal when someone threatens a witness, bothers a witness or a witness is the victim of mischief. Remember, society will collapse if your average citizen does not stand up for what is wrong.

            • A possible domestic assault in an establishment that serves liquor is more challenging being the witness states they don't want to get involved and the victim will not co-operate. The accused was released on conditions of no contact with the victim, however, the victim allegedly showed up later intoxicated at the residence of the accused and was discovered when Members went to deal with a release conditions check. The accused was outside stating they did not know what to do. We removed the victim for being intoxicated and used discretion as to charging the original accused for breach being there was some possibility the story was true. We are not going to say we believed or did not believe this story being we get lied to a lot, like a lot.

• If a youth chooses not to follow the rules or guidelines set out by the parents and guardians, the RCMP can't arrest or detain the youth. In addition, if the youth doesn't want to go to or they stay out after curfew, they cannot be arrested. That said, it is my experience if the youth do all of the above they may get arrested being they are likely up to no good.

            • So an individual that was released after serving an extended period of time in a Federal Correctional Facility is now wanted, being they could not comply with their release conditions. Yes, addictions has reared its ugly head. If it was only addictions that was the issue, we would not be too worried, however, this often, if not always, leads to crimes being committed. Or in the case of this individual, they are supporting criminals.

            • An individual did report that their spouse was operating their motor vehicle while impaired. Fortunately, patrols located the individual at about 10 a.m. and the driver subsequently provided samples just under twice the legal limit. Unfortunately, for the caller the vehicle was seized for 30 days.

            • A property rep and Members attended property owned by SaskPower when an individual was observed on surveillance where they should not have been. We have a footprint on a door that is being analyzed by our Forensic Identification Section and the video and photos are being sent to neighbouring detachments.

            • A window was broken at the hotel in Redvers. Unfortunately, the video did not assist in the identity of the accused. We are hoping to be able to get a copy, which may assist us in identifying the accused.  

            • We had a report of a vehicle in a private driveway. There was no licence plate and the owner of the residence did not recognize the vehicle. Members ran the VIN number and determined who the last registered owner was and they initially could not provide insight until they remembered they were going to purchase the vehicle and register  it. It would not start so they cancelled the deal. They were able to identify who they were going to purchase it from and when the owner was contacted by the Police it was determined the keys were left in it and someone must have taken it for a joy ride. The owner got the vehicle back but had to get it insured for the short trip back. The moral of the story is don't leave your keys in a vehicle, even if you think it won't start.

            • I don't own or manage a business, however, if I did own or manage a business I would be very hesitant to take a cheque belonging to one person and signed over to another. Actually, I probably would not let it happen. Our investigation into such an incident is continuing.  

• Some people don't know their "farm animals". It is, therefore due to this, the Police get involved. Okay, okay, yes there is more to the story and it has nothing to do with husbandry. One individual told another individual that they were a "cow" and then further told them they waddled like a "duck". This concerned the one individual enough to involve the Police. No charges and no education efforts were undertaken being we all know a "cow" does not waddle like a "duck". Unfortunately, we have had other files involving these individuals and we will continue to have files involving these individuals.

• An allegation of harassment and name-calling resulted in an individual being warned they could be charged for Causing a Disturbance. As much as profanity has become more common-place in conversations, it is still illegal to swear in public. Thus if you call someone a nasty name you are not committing a Criminal Offence, however, if you include profanity in the same sentence you might find yourself charged.  Manners folks, mind your manners.

            • A spouse called upset in relation to how their spouse disciplined the children. No assault, no offence and apparently no reason to call the Police. But we were called. Victim Services was offered and hopefully some assistance may resolve some of the outstanding issues.

            • A Member was returning from a call for service and noted cattle heading toward an opening in a fence. As the police vehicle pulled on to the approach, the cattle recognized the police vehicle operated by a "Queen's Cowboy" (aka Mountie) and walked away knowing they were guilty. Okay, they are not that bright, but likely brighter than some of the individuals we deal with. I digress. The cattle did move away.  Normally, we would close the gate or string some loose wire across the opening, however, it did not appear that any was near at hand. Thus, we used "Police Tape".  No, no, we do not expect that cattle will comply with the yellow tape that has "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" on it. Some of us do know, however, that cattle and horses don't like things that move that they are not use to. Thus, two pieces of "Police Tape" were strung along an opening to hopefully keep the cattle in the fence until the owner can deal with them.

            • An individual attended the detachment with what they believed might be a bomb that they found in a coulee. They dug it out and transported it to the Detachment. Our recommendation would be to leave it where it is and call us. I was in the Army and also have a strong interest in history and I believed from the photo that it was a solid shot practice round. I, however, sent the photo to one of our Explosives Ordnance Disposal experts who confirmed my theory. It was not until then that I chose to remove it from the vehicle. Now we have a mystery, being this appears to be a World War II shell. I am sure someone knew, or used to know how it ended up in our area, however, for now the mystery remains. The irony of it all is that it is the property of the Department of National Defence and we will return it to them for their disposal.

            • We held a lockdown/hold and secure exercise at the two schools in Carlyle. We involved some of our partners, including Conservation and the Fire Department and liaised with others such as EMS. Like anything, practice makes perfect and we will be doing similar exercises throughout the Detachment area. As we go through these exercises, we continue to develop and modify our response.   • As a parent I can imagine if it was real you would want to go to the school. Please don't. We have enough going on there. Go to a central area or building. For Carlyle we are looking at using the hockey rink. In an actual situation we will update you as to what is going on as quickly as possible. In addition, a real situation does not resolve itself in an hour. It is a long and thorough process.

            • We had several erratic drivers called in and patrols were made. However, we did not have the success we desired.

            A new driver mistook the gas for the brake. This resulted in a minor collision with damage to the vehicle driven, another vehicle and a building. We would like to reinforce to this young driver that those with experience and knowledge do the same thing. Many people have done this and fortunately for most there is not a collision. I expect this individual will be a better driver being they will likely be more careful than others.

            • Unfortunately we had to respond to a fatal collision. Kisbey and Carlyle Volunteer Firefighters and Supreme EMS were of great assistance and the driver of the one vehicle was transported by STARS. Our Forensic Reconstruction Expert attended and our investigation will continue with their assistance.

            • We also had an injury collision involving a vehicle which struck a tractor hauling a baler. This investigation continues.

            • Members issued approximately 10 tickets and 25 warnings over the last week.

            • Tickets were issued for cell phone -$280, exceed 60 km/hr when in a construction zone - $360, exceeding 60 km/hour when passing an emergency vehicle - $350, and most expensive speeding ticket was for $210.

            • Warnings were issued for obstructed licence plate, inadequate headlamps, excessive damage to windshield, cell phone, speeding, stop sign, cannabis in a vehicle, and inadequate taillights on a trailer.

            • Inspection notices were issued for window tint, mud flap or fenders, inadequate windshield, and daytime running lights.  

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