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• I am not a reporter, and no, I don't want to play one on TV either. That said, I just try and give an entertaining synopsis about what we deal with on a weekly basis. In doing so, I admit we are not perfect, we make mistakes and we can always do things differently and better.

            • You may wonder where this is coming from? Well, recently I had an individual upset about my actions. I listened to them swear and rant for over a half hour. I was called derogatory names, I was deemed to be a bully and I was told that I think I am Superman. I am not saying I am Superman, however, I will state, you have never seen me and Superman in the same room. All humour aside, I understand someone being upset with the Police and I understand that people may get upset with us, however, take a breath, be calm and respectful and your concerns may be dealt with. Yelling, screaming, swearing and insulting behaviour is generally non-productive.

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• Sgt. Walter and S/Sgt. Simons participated in the Heritage Classic in Red Serge. There were almost 100 Mounties involved, but it was hard to tell. An interesting experience to say the least.

            • Our Members continue to assist by providing relief duty in Deshambault Lake. The first couple Members drove up, while the next batch will be picked up at the airport in Carlyle by a RCMP plane and flown to PA where they will drive with the other Members they will be working with. Good experience and good opportunities to expand our Member's knowledge.

• What a week. An individual suffering from Mental Health concerns called 911 by mistake. This individual also attended a business in town and was disrespectful and although, what this individual is doing could be Criminal it is not being they are suffering from Mental Health concerns. We are not ignoring the issue and are hoping to find a way to provide this individual assistance.

            • Sooner or later an alarm will go off, and it will be legitimate. Not this week.

            • A couple broke up. This resulted in numerous files in a couple days period, and due to the relationship ending in a confrontational manner, both have been charged and have to attend court. Unfortunately, children may have witnessed some of this. Many people split with no involvement of the Police, however, many times the Police walk away and shake their heads over the trivial things people fight over. The Police also shake their heads over the unrealistic expectations placed on the Police. Remember folks, if you are common law, in a relationship of any sort, or married, we don't decide who owns what and who gets what. That is civil. If the vehicle was bought by you, registered to you and driven by you and your other half takes the vehicle it is not theft. Both our vehicles are registered under my name and my wife calls them hers, because they are hers as much as they are mine. Thus, if she chooses to drive off in one and hide the other one there is nothing the police can do. She would not do that of course, right deer? Hun? I might be walking if she reads this.

            • Two youth from two different educational facilities lost control of their tempers and both ended up in our gaol. One, due to their history, remained while the other was released. The parents of one attempted to interfere with the arrest. They then attended the Detachment and one parent entered the Detachment and alleged their foot was run over, or they were almost run over???  and they were told they could have been charged with Obstruction for their actions of trying to block the arrest. This parent then lost their cool and began to use profanity, which was directed at the Police in the presence of a non-employee of the RCMP. They were then warned they could have been charged with Causing a Disturbance. They then left, with both parents using profanity as they drove away.

            • If you get a call asking for your banking information, your SIN number or any particulars, I can almost guarantee it is a fraud. If you get a call saying you have a warrant or the police are going to come arrest you unless you forward money or make a payment in any way, I can almost guarantee it is a fraud. We don't work that way and Canada Revenue does not work that way.

            • If you have a family Member that may be suffering from dementia, please photograph the entire residence and the belongings within. Thus, when family and friends start taking what they think they are entitled to we will be better able to investigate and determine what has or has not been, well stolen.

            • If your child is being harassed through social media or by text message, the first step is to block the individual, or individuals, from communicating with your child. If this does not work, call the police.

            • An individual that was arrested and released then reported their residence was broken into and they had their TV stolen. Our investigation continues.


An individual was pulled over for having a burnt out headlight. They were driving with a Class 7 learners licence and fortunately for them their passenger was qualified as a supervising driver. Unfortunately for them, the driver was on conditions not to have contact with the passenger and was subsequently charged with breaching their release conditions.

            • Copper thefts have become a problem in our area and others. If you have any information please forward it to us. If you see something suspicious please call us.

            • We had some great success from the public this week in relation to driving complaints.

            • An erratic driver was called in by another motorist. They were located shortly afterward and provided samples two and a half times over the legal limit.

            • An erratic driver was reported and Members quickly located the vehicle driving erratically. The Member had lights and sirens on and still had to pull up beside the accused to get the accused to pull over. The driver had a suspended licence, had open liquor in the vehicle and was using their cell phone. They were also charged for impaired operation of a motor vehicle after providing samples two times the legal limit.  Did I mention this all happened at 10:30 in the morning?  The accused was upset that they were not given any breaks as it relates to the charges to which the officer replied. "You are bragging that you have been driving for over five years without a licence and you are bragging you are going to continue driving without a licence. Why would I give you a break?"

            • We had a minor collision involving a driver that was distracted reaching for a water bottle. This resulted in a $280 ticket for driving with undue care and attention.

            • We are investigating a "gas and dash" from one of our gas stations. It could be accidental, could be deliberate.

            • Members issued approximately 20 warnings and 15 tickets over the last week.

            • Tickets were issued for no insurance - $580, fail to produce drivers licence - $100, fail to produce registration - $100, fail to stop at stop sign - $230, fail to wear seatbelt - $175, open liquor in a vehicle - $360, cell phone $280, window tint - $115, drive with undue care and attention - $280 and most expensive speeding ticket was for $324.

            • Warnings were issued for speeding, fail to produce driver’s licence, passenger under 7 years old not secured, inadequate windshield, obstructed licence plate and trailer having no tail lights.

            • Inspection notices were issued for inadequate taillights, and window tint.

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