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• When you are high and intoxicated don't be using 911 because you think you hear or see something. Sorry, I guess that advice might not be worth providing if you are high and intoxicated, because you are already being illogical. We also had kids playing with the phone, which resulted in 911 being called. As for alarms, we had a "Panic Alarm" which we did not panic about because like most, if not all alarms, they are almost always false, which was the case this time as well. Another  alarm was caused by an individual testing the alarm, and the alarm company was apparently not aware of this "test".

• As always we dealt with mental health and child welfare calls. We are not experts on mental health, however, we see more than our share. In addition, we often feel like we are social workers, but we know we are not.

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            • We assisted some of our volunteer fire fighters with a call. Fortunately there were no injuries or deaths.

• A domestic dispute resulted in an individual being charged with assault with a weapon and assault. The accused was released on conditions including no contact with the victim.

• We had a truck stolen. If you want to make it more difficult for someone to steal your vehicle please don't leave the keys in the vehicle. Hiding them does not work either, being there are only so many places to hide the keys and criminals know that.

• It sure can be tough to talk your way out of a ticket, and rarely does it work. That said, some people have no difficulty talking their way into a ticket.

• At a previous post I stopped an individual that was not wearing their seatbelt properly. I initially, and I say initially, chose to give them a written warning. I gathered their documentation and returned to my patrol vehicle.  I then returned to the vehicle operated by the accused and began to explain to them that they were getting a warning. This individual then chose to tell me where to go and how to get there. I politely told them I will be back momentarily and returned and quickly printed off a ticket for not wearing a seat belt properly. The accused then told me where to go and how to get there, however, added hand gestures an a frothy mouth and attempted to explain that I could not change my mind and that it was against the law to do so. I confirmed to the individual that I could change my mind. They then promised me that we would meet in court.

• As promised, several months later we met in court. I gave my evidence as to what I observed being that was what the trial was about, and then that I issued a ticket to the accused. I did not wish to cause any unnecessary embarrassment and did not refer to the vulgarity utilized. The accused then had the opportunity to question me. They asked if I initially came to the window of their vehicle and began to serve a warning. I replied that is correct and the accused then cut me off. The accused then began to explain to the Judge that I changed my mind because I had a power trip and that the charge should be dismissed. I then asked the Judge permission to expand on the events and the Judge agreed. I wish I could have recorded the look on the Judge's face. The accused then took the opportunity to take the stand and give their side of the story and said they never forget to wear their seatbelt and when they do the vehicle sets off an alarm to remind them to put it on. The Judge convicted the accused and even stated words to the effect they had never seen a better example of someone talking their way into a ticket.

• If you live in a glass house you should not throw rocks. Actually, you should not throw rocks at any residence or building because windows break easily. We had a building receive a broken window when someone threw a rock at it, however, we have no clues or suspects.

• Wasn't that a party? EMS was called to residence where there was a bunch of intoxicated individuals. They wisely requested the assistance of the RCMP who, upon arrival, were met by individuals unhappy with the Police being there. "We don't want the Police and never called the Police, we called the ambulance". One individual was transported to the hospital and a Member got to ride in the back of the ambulance to assist EMS due to their level of intoxication and their lack of co-operation. Members were dispatched three more times that evening to the same residence or the area of the residence. On the second occasion things calmed down before the arrival of the Police. On the third trip there that evening one individual was arrested and charged for failing to comply with their release conditions. On the fourth occasion patrols were made, however, no arrests and no real issues discovered. The following day EMS was called again and as they had done the day before, they requested the assistance of the RCMP. Upon arrival the Members were again told they were not wanted, however, being they were there could they remove one individual, which was accomplished and they were lodged until they were sober. EMS did transport another individual who was co-operative and did not need the Police to ensure they cooperated.

• The lesson here is we work often and well with our fellow first responders, be it EMS or Fire. If it could get contentious they will call the Police and we will gladly help. It should also be noted we often go to places where we are not wanted. In reality most of what we do results in individuals not wanting to see us or deal with us. Thus telling us we are not wanted will not hurt our feelings.

• We have been dealing more often with what we refer to as "Keyboard Warriors". These individuals often utilize "Social Media" to insult, pick on and demean others. Generally we tell people to block the "Keyboard Warrior" and/or ignore them and if possible, we generally tell the "Keyboard Warrior" to grow up and/or smarten up. If the communication continues we can, and have, charged people for harassing communications.

            • Owners of a dog were issued tickets being their dog was loose and chased someone. This was not the first time and some times we have to charge people in an effort to change behaviour.

• If you are intoxicated don't be surprised to find that you may not be welcome in a business. One such individual was found intoxicated in a business and they were arrested and lodged and released with a ticket for public intoxication.

• An impaired driver was located and they were arrested and subsequently provided two samples of their breath with results being 120 mg%. The vehicle was seized for 30 days and the driver loses their licence immediately.

• An individual was arrested for trafficking drugs after Members seized several grams of crack and cocaine as well as several cell phones, prepaid cards and cash. The vehicle was also seized and the accused will have to try and prove it was not garnered as a result of crime and not being used during a crime. It was a good day for the Police and a bad day for this individual.

• An off duty Member observed two individuals racing on a residential street. Both were provided warnings and we truly believe they will not be attracting the attention of the Police in the future. There are others though that are like magnets. Of course if they wore their seatbelts, stopped for stop signs or chose not to speed they would not attract our attention.

• Members issued approximately 40 tickets and 50 warnings over the past week.

• Tickets were issued for public intoxication -$200, fail to stop - $230, seatbelt - $175, no drivers licence -$150, dog running at large - $100, dog chasing an individual -$100, cell phone -$580, use plates on wrong vehicle - $175, fail to produce registration - $100, fail to properly secure licence plate - $100, fail to signal -$150, fail to produce a drivers licence - $100, and most expensive speeding tickets were for $290 in a school zone and $300 and $538 for regular speeding.

• Warnings were issued for fail to stop, cell phone use, fail to wear a seatbelt, obstructed licence plate, fail to produce drivers licence, fail to produce registration, fail to display registration permit, fail to properly secure licence plates, inadequate headlamps, display defaced or altered licence plate, inadequate windshield, obstructed licence plate, trailer light fail to emit red light, careless driving, inadequate tail lights, and speeding.

• Inspection notices were issued for inadequate day time running lights, window tint, properly mount licence plate and inadequate windshield.

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