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• These are interesting times and things are constantly changing. Remember this is new to everyone and unprecedented. Many claim to be experts, but is there really a true expert? Thus you will get a message one day that can change later that day or the next day. There are many people that are trying their best to give us accurate information to protect us and others. Please be understanding and flexible.

            • You may not be worried about yourself, however, you must realize you can infect someone who is at higher risk. We know we will not be able to prevent it, rather we are just hoping to prevent our medical facilities from being swamped. Our hospitals still have to deal with daily emergencies and unrelated medical calls.  It is for these reasons and others we are recommending distancing and self-isolation. We are not asking you to agree, we are just asking you to cooperate and comply.

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• It is now law in Saskatchewan that you have to self isolate for 14 days if you have returned from outside of Canada. We have had Mounties that dipped into the USA and are still in isolation. We understand you may have already ventured and wandered, but no more. If you arrived in Canada from outside of our borders you must isolate for 14 days from the day your returned. No ifs, ands or buts, unless it is for medical attention. No shopping, no gallivanting and no working at your place of business. We appreciate the calls, however, I must admit we are getting tired of dealing with individuals that feel they should be exempted. So far we believe we have had compliance after providing warnings, however, I just can't get over how much time we have spent talking to and explaining to people, "You must self isolate for 14 days." There are no exemptions.

• During times of crisis individuals will try and solicit funds to help those in need. Please be very leery of these individuals. Trust me you will not just get a text message or an e-mail saying you are getting money. The government does not work like that.

• Members dealt with several static 911 calls, 911 hang ups and several false alarms. If we keep getting static 911 calls from a number we end up having the phone line suspended. It is not like the owner can use it anyway. Most of the 911 calls are being caused by moisture somewhere in the system. Child welfare calls and mental health calls occupied some of our time as well.

• With these challenging times we are often, but not always, using more discretion. An individual who cut off their electronic monitoring device was finally located. We knew they were around but they were avoiding the police and avoiding getting into trouble. Normally, they would likely have been remanded in custody for the breach of release conditions and the damage to property, however, we gave them an opportunity to stay out of “gaol” and behave. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

• An individual was reported to be intoxicated and causing problems in a residence. Upon arrival of the Police they were no longer awake. The individual was left to wake up with a hangover.

• We are dealing with a family that are not in agreement over an estate. I have been shocked over the years on what people fight over and what people will do to make it more difficult for others. More concerning is during these times of crisis individuals look within and let their selfish nature take over while others are risking their well being just doing their jobs.

• Members investigated a complaint of an individual walking up and down the same street numerous times. It was determined the individual was just out getting some exercise and fresh air and did not want to walk too far from their residence.

• We are investigating a domestic. There are possible charges forthcoming, however, we are still in the initial stages of our investigation.

• I know it has been frustrating for our family to have internet issues during this challenging time, however, an individual chose to take their aggression out on the internet and disabled the internet at a residence. Let us just say charges were laid for mischief.

• Some individuals chose to excessively use intoxicating substances, we believe alcohol and drugs. Upon arrival of Members, they determined there was a need to arrest one individual. During this process another individual thought they would "come to the rescue" of the individual that was being arrested. They were subsequently arrested as well. In the process of the arrest both chose to assault the Police Officers. Due to their general lack of involvement with the Police and the discretion of the Police they were only lodged and provided a warning. They were released later with what appeared to be "hangovers"

• If you have an ex moving back to town and you don't want them to call you, then tell them that and block their number. If that does not work then call the Police. Don't call us just to advise us you are concerned the ex may contact you unless it is for a situation where you fear for your safety.

• Allegations of an individual in a vehicle following another individual in a vehicle they were not to have contact with were determined to be inaccurate due to a very strong alibi. Although it was not the case in this instance the strongest alibi I have ever observed was the accused was in our custody. The complainant did not believe me, and, well, there was not much I could do to convince them otherwise.

• If you get a "knock, knock" at your door and they will not leave due to their intoxicated state call the Police. If we arrive and they are gone we will likely try and located them and ensure they understand that they will be arrested if they continue their actions. This worked once, while the other time and individual was lodged for a short period of time.

• If you have a concern as it relates to the actions of a Police Officer don't confront that Police Officer in public. It looks bad on everyone. Come to the Detachment and talk with one of the supervisors. We will investigate your concern. In a recent situation the allegations were proven to be totally unfounded being the video in the Patrol Vehicle confirmed the Member did not do what was alleged. 

            • A possible impaired driver was thwarted when someone took their keys. Members ensured they were welcome where they remained and our file was concluded.

• Another impaired driver was reported, however, patrols were not successful in locating the vehicle.

• A Member followed an individual across the bridge between Manor and Redvers, which has a 60 km/hour restriction. There is a reason for this folks and it is because it is dangerous to driver across it any faster. Yes a ticket was issued, however, it could have been much more expensive.

• We had a minor collision where the driver sought medical attention. Another collision resulted in the death of a deer and a tow truck for the vehicle.

• I have always liked multiple choice exams. Even if you don't know the answer you get to at least have a guess. Now as a Police Officer I have found multiple choice is often an option. Let us say, we stop a vehicle for not stopping at a stop sign, the driver is not wearing a seatbelt and they do not have a valid licence. Now the answer is:

 a) Stop sign ticket - $230

b) seatbelt ticket - $175

c) no driver’s licence ticket - $150

d) any combination of (a) and (b) or (b) and (c) or (a) and (c)

e) all of the above

• Now the answer depends on attitude and history of the offender. This is where things often go bad for the violator. If you greet the Police Officer with profanity or rudeness I can almost guarantee the answer will be (d) or (e). That said we are only human and some Police Officers will always go to (d) or (e). Remember the only way to avoid the ticket is avoid breaking the law.

• Now sometimes it is not multiple choice. A vehicle was stopped because the licence plates did not match the vehicle. It was then determined the driver did not have a licence, there was no insurance on the vehicle and when the accused was arrested they were also found to have cannabis and methamphetamine.  

• Members issued approximately 15 tickets and 15 warnings over the past week.

• Yes we still have a job to do, and if nothing else we are working very hard to ensure we are being visible. We are putting on a lot of miles driving throughout our Detachment area each day.

• Tickets were issued for fail to wear a seatbelt - $175, no insurance -$580, drive at a speed that is greater than reasonable -$205, operate without a drivers licence - $150, cannabis in a vehicle -$360, misuse of licence plates - $175 and the most expensive speeding tickets were for $304, $310 and $352.

• Warnings were issued for speeding, inadequate daytime driving lights and fail to produce a driver’s licence.

• We did not issue any inspection tickets. We could have, however, under the circumstances chose not to.

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