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• Take this seriously. Self isolate, distance yourself. This does not mean let your kids play with the neigbhours. Road hockey, a Canadian tradition, is not distancing. As many veterans have said. "I went to war and risked my life for your sake. For my sake, stay at home and sit on the couch." We had over half a dozen complaints in the last week of people not self isolating, some valid, most not, however, I am sorry, we have better things to do than tell people what "Self Isolate" means. We do appreciate the concern and understanding of the majority of the public, however, going for groceries or running a business is not self-isolating.

• Many people may think we are safe in our little corner of the province. That is unfortunately far from the truth. Remember this started in one country and it is now a world issue. In addition many individuals are still travelling, be it mandatory for work or due to need, perceived or real. Please be cognizant that if it is not already in our area it will soon be in our area.

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• Now we have all heard of Covid-19 but have you heard of all the frauds related to Covid-19? There are too many to mention, however, as we have stated before, nothing is free, if you have not applied for it is a fraud, if someone is selling something please remember "buyer beware" and never, ever, give out personal information or banking information. If you have a computer look at the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre website.

• 911 is for an Emergency. Not to get information or ask general questions. That number is 310-RCMP or any local RCMP number will get you assistance and it will be directed to the Police Detachment or agency of jurisdiction. Please stop calling 911 for non-emergencies. We had two 911 hang-ups, a case of children playing with the phone and another 911 that was not an emergency over the past week.  

• Remember, it is not an emergency just because you believe it is an emergency. Please do not be attending the hospital unless you have called 811 first. The staff at our medical facilities are doing a tremendous job and they are doing so under some very trying circumstances. Many of our health workers and first responders are working extended hours and, I know it is hard to believe, but they have a life outside of work. Yes, we all understand that we, "Signed up for this", however, we need your co-operation and assistance so we can properly serve our communities. One of the purposes of all the restrictions is to slow the curve so as our health care system can handle the influx of patients. If you attend a health facility because it is your right as a taxpayer you are not helping, rather you are hindering efforts to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

• We had our share of Mental Health and Child Welfare calls this reporting period.

• Now if you want us to our job and you complain that we are not doing a good enough job, okay, we can understand that. We also realize some people don't like the government and don't like the police because we work for the government. We get that, and we know we are not perfect and we never took this job knowing we would please everyone. That said, if you refuse to co-operate with us, or refuse to provide us enough information to charge someone then how can you sit back and complain? Yes, we catch people after the fact but finding someone who was allegedly driving impaired after they are out of the vehicle and not having anyone co-operate and be willing to provide that information is frustrating.

• An individual jumped in front of one of our patrol vehicles. They said they were practising their shadow boxing techniques. They were escorted to a residence and told not to practice with vehicles. The greatest boxer that ever was could "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee", however, we all know that the butterfly and the bee never won a battle with a motor vehicle.

• Some people are just ignorant. Unfortunately it is not against the law to be ignorant, however, sometimes we get involved due to others being fearful of those that are allegedly ignorant. I would like to say all we do is suggest to the ignorant individual is to "Grow Up". No, that would be too easy and most ignorant individuals do not realize the world does not revolve around them and they are not always right.

• If you have a business please keep close attention to your fuel cards and their use. It does not take long to have an ex-employee, a thief, a business partner, or almost anyone from racking up quite a bill. Not now with the low gas prices, but still keep appraised as to what is going on with your fuel cards.

• Members responded to a possible domestic and provided a ride to one of the individuals in the residence. Buffalo Cab to the rescue.

• One individual was charged for assaulting a Police Officer, uttering threats and breaching release conditions. Ironically the situation could have ended with a verbal warning, however, the actions of the accused caused the situation to become much worse which resulted in the charges.

• An individual was stopped at a check point at the Manitoba border and they were observed to not be wearing their seatbelt. The vehicle was then determined to not have insurance. The vehicle was going to be towed and the individual was offered the opportunity to contact someone to come give them a ride. This is when things took an interesting turn when the accused called for a ride and utilized another name, which was overhead by the law enforcement officer. Further checks confirmed the true identify of the accused and that the accused had warrants for their arrest in Saskatchewan. Carlyle Members then patrolled to assist and upon arrival arrested the individual for their outstanding warrants as well as for obstructing justice and for identity theft. If the accused had been honest they would have been released roadside for the warrants, the vehicle towed and likely one ticket. Unfortunately, that is not how things turned out and the accused now faces 2 new Criminal Code charges, tickets in Manitoba and tickets in Saskatchewan. Just be honest and cooperate folks.

• An individual was found to be in breach of their release conditions. They were later located at another residence. Members used discretion being the individual was behaving and did not realize they were so restricted as to where they could reside.

• Members responded to a report of an impaired driver. The alleged driver was arrested, however, our investigation determined they were sober, which was a surprise and impressive being this individual is known to struggle with addictions. Further investigation determined the credibility of the witness was questionable and the alleged intoxicated driver was driven home. Their cooperation during this investigation was greatly appreciated.

• We had a report of a significant amount of money stolen from a residence. Unfortunately although suspects were identified we have no evidence or proof to link them to the alleged theft.

• An intoxicated individual that was being uncooperative became cooperative once they realized the Police were called. No further involvement was required.

• We understand it is challenging and boring for some, however, if you choose to go out on your ATV please respect other individuals property. Many individuals have cattle and horses and they often get spooked by motor vehicles.

• A Member attempted a traffic stop which caused the operator of the motor vehicle to hit the ditch and then come out of the ditch and then get stuck in the mud on the road. The driver was arrested for impaired driving and provided samples of 130 and 110 mg%. Two of the three passengers were lodged briefly as was the driver who probably panicked because they did not have a licence.

• An individual reported their fence had been taken down and piled up. Our investigation is continuing.

• You are not allowed, permitted or entitled to park in a no parking zone, or in front of a fire hydrant. It does not matter who you are, who you think you are or what you are doing. Sorry, them are the facts.

• Members issued approximately "5 tickets and 20 warnings over the past week.

• Tickets were issued for fail to stop at stop sign - $230, operate a motor vehicle without a licence - $150, cell phone -$580, speeding in a construction zone -$458, no seatbelt -$175, Drive while disqualified (Court), liquor in a vehicle - $360, fail to produce registration - $100, and most expensive speeding ticket was for $562.

• Warnings were issued for fail to stop at a stop sign, pass when unsafe, fail to produce registration, open liquor in a vehicle, unregistered trailer, inadequate mudflaps, obstructed licence plate, drive without reasonable consideration for others, window tint, and speeding.

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