Saskatchewan gives jurors pay raise, compensation for dependant care

REGINA — Saskatchewan is giving its jurors a pay raise.

The province is also promising money to help offset the cost of caring for the dependants of people called to jury duty.

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Justice Minister Don Morgan says jurors sitting on both civil and criminal juries will get $110 a day.

Criminal jurors have been paid $80 and those on civil trials have received $15.

Jurors looking after children will be able to apply for up to $40 a day to cover expenses and anyone caring for a senior will be eligible for up to $80.

The changes are to take effect next month.

"Saskatchewan is grateful for the contributions of everyone who acts as a juror," Morgan said in a release Thursday. "Being a juror is an important civic duty, and these changes will ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to perform this duty regardless of their financial circumstances."

The changes almost bring the province in line with recommendations made by a House of Commons committee in May 2018. The committee encouraged provinces and territories to give jurors a daily allowance of at least $120.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, workers must get their usual wages during jury duty. Everywhere else, it's up to employers.

The current daily stipend varies widely.

Numbers from last December show it's $50 in Alberta. In Ontario, a $40-a-day allowance kicks in on the 11th day.

Quebecers get $103 a day until Day 57, when the stipend rises to $160. There is also reimbursement in Quebec for mileage, parking and meals and, on a judge's order, child care and counselling can be covered.

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