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We had several false alarms, more than we get on an average week. You need to remember your code to your alarm. If you happen to forget the code you need to remember to have your phone with you so that when the alarm company calls your phone you can answer your phone and confirm it is you that set off the alarm. Now, if you happen to have your phone, but the alarm company does not know your number, ......you see where we are going, you need to update your alarm company. If you set off the alarm, and don't have a phone, or the alarm company does not have your number, don't be surprised to have the Police come to your place of business or residence. On an aside, don't trust that the alarm company will call off the hounds, I mean Police. We often respond and the property owner finds out that we were not called off by the Alarm Company.

Some tips to avoid alarms. Go in the door with the alarm panel being you cannot outrun the sensors. Close the door or the alarm will go off. If you leave the dog or cat inside, ensure the inside motion sensor is off.

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An off duty Member observed an individual, let us say napping (passed out) downtown. This Member called on duty Members to deal with the individual "napping". They were picked up and lodged until a responsible sober individual could be located. If you happen to see such an incident call the Police. It is better for the individual and the public to deal with this as quickly as possible. There is no need to let the individual remain in such an embarrassing situation.

We are dealing with a youth that chose to threaten the safety of an adult. We call it utter threats. The youth was charged, being it has gotten to the point there is no other option. They were released before a Justice of the Peace.

When an individual is alleged to have assaulted a child they will likely be put on conditions of no contact with the child and not to be at the residence of the child. If the other party in the relationship chooses love, over common sense, and permits the alleged assaulter to return to the residence don't be surprised if children services gets involved and the children may be removed. We don't like getting involved in such matters but it is the safety of the children we consider our priority. At this stage it was proven to be counterproductive to attend the residence where the children are now being cared for. This results in the attendance of the Police and well, it is not healthy for the children to see a parent arrested.

We know some families don't get along, however, if it is a fight over property get a lawyer. We, as the Police can assist you in getting your clothing and personal effects but nothing else. We can not assist in getting furniture, electronics or equipment. That is all civil, and you will need a lawyer. Trust me, we have better things to do. Unfortunately, some people have unrealistic expectations of the Police and feel they are entitled.........well, let us just go to the next paragraph.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, however, video is priceless. It is amazing how much video we have access to. A recent dispute resulted in two individuals trying to come across as victims, and yes they did receive injuries. Our investigation turned up cell phone video and home security footage. This resulted in charges Mischief, Break and Enter, Assault and Assault with a weapon against one individual while the other was charged with two counts of Assault, Break and Enter and Assault with a Weapon. Two victims and two charged individuals involved were transported by ambulance for medical attention. This was a totally unnecessary incident and if I told you how it started you would never believe me. It also resulted in five general duty Members, two being from Carnduff, and two specialized RCMP Forensic Identification Members from Yorkton to be involved in the investigation.

The above noted incident is still being investigated, however, there may yet be further charges that relate to further property damage.

You may want to make sure your equipment is monitored by camera's or that you find a manner in which you can lock your fuel. We have received several reports of fuel being stolen and with the price going up in April we expect this will continue and possibly increase.

We have a couple of neighbours that are not getting along. The reasonable one has contacted the Police being the unreasonable one is now committing the offence of uttering threats. This investigation is continuing.

Many people fear their children will move back in when they are in their 20's. I am not sure if my parents feared it, however, it happened with me for just over a year. That said when I got locked out I would not have kicked in the door. I would have never thought of doing anything else to aggravate my situation. Fortunately for the individual that kicked in the door the parent did not want charges.

Several counterfeit $50 US and Canadian bills have been appearing around the Detachment area. If you have a counterfeit bill and figure you can just pass it off on to someone else you are wrong, so very wrong. Please contact the Police.

Someone passed one of those big yellow vehicles with the blinking light on top and the flashing stop sign, you know the ones I mean..... A SCHOOL BUS. Our investigation continues. Wait, we are not done. Someone else also did it. That investigation is also continuing. To make it a hat trick we had a complaint from a School Bus Driver regarding a semi tail gaiting the school bus in the 80 zone. The bus driver was able to read the licence plate in their mirror. This is still being investigated. Remember folks, avoid the yellow school buses and it will decrease the chance of getting a ticket.

Members responded to a deer stuck in the ditch. Unfortunately the deer was injured, rather than stuck, likely from a collision. It was put out of its misery by the responding Members. Another deer met a vehicle and much damage to vehicle and the deer was deceased instantly.

We had a truck stolen, the keys were in it which made the theft that much easier. It was the first time we used the new Rural Crime Watch notification. White 1995 F250 with Saskatchewan Marker V6062.

We have had some copper thefts from Sask Power sites. We are looking for Chrysler 300 that may have been involved.

We had a possible impaired driver that drove into a ditch and got stuck. A patrol was made, however, it appears that someone pulled them out before arrival of the Police. Believe it or not a lot of people still feel bad about people being charged for impaired driving and help them get away before the Police arrive. I am not sure I will ever understand.

Many individuals tinker with their vehicles. There are also those that tinker with their airplane's. Those that tinker with their aircraft must remember there is an emergency transponder in their aircraft and it is designed to go off if tinkered with, or disconnected. This happens more often than you think and instead of sending the Royal Canadian Airforce out the RCMP get the call, especially when the transponder is coming from the airport.

Remember, all adults must report to the school office before going into the school. This avoids possible altercations within the school which result in the RCMP being called. If you don't like how the school is dealing with a situation, call the school board. It is not up to you to go deal with it. It will only get someone, likely you, in trouble.

So you are driving a loaner vehicle, or a friends vehicle and you are wearing work boots or high heels and........you are still speeding. It is up to you to know how to drive the vehicle, thus the reason you need a drivers licence. If you find you tend to have a heavy foot use the cruise control..........of course if you use the cruise control and you put it at say a higher than acceptable speed, you will still likely get a ticket.

I will add a tid bit about radar detectors, keep buying them, we don't care, they are legal. Generally though they just tell you that you are caught. You need to remember. They are not legal in Manitoba and a few other Provinces. Driver beware.

An individual on conditions was stopped by a Police Officer and given a ticket in a neighbouring jurisdiction. This individual was from our Detachment area and they were on a curfew. They just made it home on time being we were waiting to confirm they complied with their curfew. Us Police Officers do communicate with each other.

If you go to pass another vehicle you should always look in your rear view mirror. Failing to do so and trying to pass in a manner deemed to be dangerous is counter productive, especially when there is a Police Vehicle behind you. The ticket in this instance was for driving without consideration for others - $280. The driver was also given a warning for following too close. The reason the driver may not have looked in their mirror is they were driving a semi and........like, wow.

Tickets were issued for failing to stop at a stop sign -$230, - cell phone use $280, fail to wear a seatbelt -$175, speeding in a school zone - $274, $286, $310, and $326, and the most expensive speeding ticket was for $324.

Warnings were issued for speeding, obstructed licence plate, fail to produce drivers licence, fail to produce registration, fail to stop at a stop sign, fail to drive in one lane or change lanes when unsafe and careless driving.

Inspection Notices were issued for tail light, window tint, inadequate headlamps.

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