Bundesliga approves Hawk-Eye goal-line technology for new season

FRANKFURT - The Bundesliga clubs have approved goal-line technology that will be introduced at the start of the next season.

The technology chosen is the Hawk-Eye system, which is also used by England's Premier League.

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German football league president Reinhard Rauball said 15 of the 18 Bundesliga clubs voted for the new technology, meeting the two-thirds majority requirement.

Thursday's vote ended longtime opposition to the technology, mostly on cost grounds.

An earlier attempt to approve the technology failed in March but the proposal was tabled again by Bayern Munich after the German Cup final in May against Borussia Dortmund.

Bayern won the match 2-0 and benefited from a wrong decision, when Mats Hummels' strike was not given although the ball had clearly crossed the line before being kicked out by Bayern defender Dante.

In the May vote, 24 of the 36 clubs in the first and second division voted against the project. This time, only the top-tier clubs voted and the system will be used at first-division stadiums.

The league picked the cheaper Hawk-Eye system over two German technologies, including GoalControl, which was used at the World Cup in Brazil.

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